Summer on Moc Chau Plateau

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Dai Yem Waterfall

Dai Yem Waterfall
Considered as a second paradise Da Lat, summer in the plateau is fresh, cool with the temperature of 20-26oC
1. The natural scenery:

To Moc Chau at this time, you will be ecstatic with the red ripe-plum hill, peach garden, leisurely walking on the tea hill, out of sight eye green grassland, enjoy between the cool vapor of Dai Yem, Chieng Khoa waterfall, and exploring the mystery of the Son Moc Huong Cave, five cave in On village, together with experience of agro-tourism program is extremely interesting.

2. Activities, travel experiences:

- Picking fruit Festival in Moc Chau: Festival is usually held on May when the plums are in ripening season post, the festival includes of the main contents: picking fruit contest, enjoy fruit, introduce and learn knowledge of Moc Chau plum; the ethnic sport activities, folk games; activities as galleries, exhibitions, introduce  about products of Moc Chau plum; sightseeing tourism and picking fruits activities,. The event aims to introduce and promote the Moc Chau plum; creating opportunity of plum growers to learn, commute, improve their knowledge and experience as well as attract the interest of investors. Come in the festival, visitors are enjoying the plum produces, was trippingly in the "valley of plum", commute with characteristic cultures ethnic people.

Du khách hào hứng dự ngày hội hái quả trên cao nguyên Mộc Châu
- The agricultural tourism experience: From April to June, Moc Chau is brilliant red color of plums, peaches in ripe-fruit. It’s interesting to be directly involved in the process harvesting plums together with farmers. You will be guide how to pick plums: picked by a stick is tied a small basket in the top, picked by climbing a chair, picking up trees ... Each style is specific characteristics: pick by basket without climb, but tired your neck so always face up to look up; picked by climbing trees but also a little afraid, so best of all thing, the feeling of standing on high, was climbing a comfortable way that you have little chance to experience. Your hand touch the purple plums, thin layer of white powder melting quietly, leaving the skin plum is succulent, shiny, purple red. Picking drop in the plums bucket, briskly hand to clinging, a moment later full basket of plum fruit. Stop hand, wiping sweat on forehead, put most red, big and ripe plums on your mouth to bite that a sweet spreads down the throat, and then spread throughout the body... There's nothing more exciting than is dress ed a colorful costume of Mong ethnic, standing between plum garden to photograph, styling as: climbing trees, yet clinging branches,…Relax walking between immense plum forest, evening you are campfire to grill some chicken available in the garden, then drink wine, have fun with friends and family. The night comes, camping to sleep at all between the sounds of all species insects.

3. Cuisine, the traditional ethnic dishes:
Between scenery is blue sky, cool, fresh, bright yellow sun shining down grass universe everything that just passed spring is being a lush, smooth and when you come to Moc Chau can not ignore the cool, nutritious dishes with very own flavor of Moc Chau Plateau:

- Fried calves: For a long time, fried calve is a dish associated with Moc Chau. Made from the flesh meat of child calves just born on 7 days old, only eat totally mother cow's milk so have very rich nutrients. Calves meat are cut into square pieces, brought fit lemongrass, ginger, garlic, spices and fry over a pan of boiling oil. Because a young calves so very soft, bring sweetness, not fat, crispy skin and have excellent taste.

Du Lịch Mộc Châu với đặc sản Bê Chao

- Moc Chau Salmon: is a variety of fish which live in cold regions such as America, Europe imported new single breeding success in Moc Chau. With a cool climate all year round and a cold winter, salmon flesh make Moc Chau, hunters, no grease is suitable for processing into many different dishes such as salmon soup, salad salmon, grilled, fried, soup tasty salmon... With fragrant flavor, beautiful pink meat, high nutritional value, salmon dish was interesting by the strange, curious and want once tasted when to visiting Moc Chau.


 - The stone snail Bang stream: Usually only appear from April to the end of August, which is the rainy season, when the weather is wet. Snails eat only leaves and burying themselves in the thick layer of leaves so greasy, made delicacies unique to the area in Moc Chau, Son La. Screws catch on, can be processed into more exotic dishes such as soup, boiled with discharge, put on sauce into the mouth to enjoy spicy on tongue, crispy, sweet tasty spreading down the throat, no fishy also has taste of the forest leaves. A more careful processing than: boil water, pour snails into, adds salt to crispy, no fishy, snail meat cooked with Lom leaves, acid leaves or sour bamboo shoots… It’s very delicious, or can be mixed with mango and spices as: sawleaf, ginger leaves, perilla, lemon, chili to make salad. You will have a memorable meal, an enjoyable evening and sleep on the floor house to the next morning when you come back but your heart still lightheadedness.

Đặc sản ốc đá Suối Bàng

- Stream fish: Stream fish has many types: white fish like ditches fish with flattened body, flower fish, gobies, the fish with black colored in moss. The streams fish in Moc Chau often little more than some other places, but It is delicious because you can eat whole them. Meat fish is crispy and fragrant, not afraid of choking bones. Especially, stream fish did not fishy taste. Fish can be easily processed into many dishes such as: fried, fried breaded, fried crispy stew sauce, slimmer turmeric, galangal, lemongrass, or cooking soup with vegetables: broccoli, ceylon spinach, vegetables shrinkage, mixed vegetables picked at field or forest to fit together so it is both nutritious and cool.

cá suối Môc Châu

4.  Material, souvenirs, shopping service location:

- Moc Chau fresh milk Products: Coming to Moc Chau, visitors enjoy 100% pure fresh milk: heat and cold fresh milk, cream butter, yogurt, caramel, Or other milk products such as: milk cake, candy milk, pasteurized milk, fresh milk, yogurt canned... Guaranteed source of clean milk, quality from stage of selective breeding, care, diet for cows, take milk cows by ensure food safety process, to processing in Moc Chau milk factory with modern technology. So visitors can be assured of quality to enjoy and buy for gift.

- Moc Chau Tea: Moc Chau where is famous landmarks for special tea producs with over 3000 hectares of different green tea types as: Shan tuyet, Kim huyen, Japanese tea, Olong, Bat Tien ... With the advantage of the cool climate and nutrient-rich soil should tea plants grow well and the fresh green tea buds leaves have high micronutrient content is good for health, with  ensure accuracy in both time and carefulness in each processing stages according to chain modern technologies so keeping the flavor of tea which is fragrant, pure, natural. In here, sitting between the romantic nature scenery, enjoying a steaming tea cup to feel all of the taste: pure, aromatic concentration is gentle, slightly acrid but sweet spreads, gently, nostalgic but unforgettable.

- Forest Honey: Starting in the summer as well as wild honey harvest of ethnic people. In this time, honey will be much better so after many flowers spring and the bee hard suck nectar of flowers and make to honey. Method of easiest identify for wild honey as: to take a water cup and one drop of honey if make a drops circle round in bottom glass of water which is a genuine wild honey. This is also a choice for gift produces of many tourists to Moc Chau.

Nếu có dịp du lịch lên Mộc Châu, ngoài các đặc sản vùng cao khác, bạn có thể mua mật ong nguyên chất với giá khoảng 120.000 - 200.000 đồng/ lít tùy loại.

- Cham cheo: Being a season of apricot, plum, peach... sour fruit types put on special spices flavor in Northwest so it would be great. In addition, the Cham Cheo use with stick rice, lam rice, boiled pork, boiled vegetables... the dishes are becoming more attractive. It is a combination of many kinds spice: roasted salt, chilli, garlic, pepper, Mak Khen, and some special kind of green forest leaves. It is easy to transport and to be preserved in very long time so become as one of the preferred choices of tourists.

- Where to buy: along Highway 6, distance from top slope 75 to Van Ho go down towards Hanoi, two roadside along ethnic people are sold peaches, plums, orchids, many types fruit in forest … in Moc Chau specialty, produce shops are on sale types of tea, milk produces, wild honey, ambrosia, many special types of fruits, vegetables in Moc Chau with reasonable prices.


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