Homestay Hoa village

 23:30 20/05/2015

Homestay Hoa village is located in the center of Hoa village, Tan Lap Commune, Moc Chau District. Here, visitors not have only one quiet space to relax but also have the opportunity to explore the lives of Thai people and soak up extremely interesting agricultural life.

Moc Chau homestay in Vietnam

 05:19 30/06/2014

The splendidly scenic Moc Chau plateau is home to wonderful mountains and a variety of rich agriculture. This is a great place to explore, full of wild trails, deep valleys, remote villages.
Summer goes Moc Chau Plateau!

Summer goes Moc Chau Plateau!

 06:26 27/06/2014

Moc Chau Plateau (Son La) is considered a green tourist paradise, attractive destination for tourists who love nature and prefer to explore the unique culture of northwestern mountainous forest. Up Moc Chau this season, visitors will not be surprised by the sight of picturesque, life also has a little unspoiled but peace and quiet, immersed in nature, escape the noise of the town.

Phuot-loved move

 02:45 19/12/2013

They are young people like to travel, love to explore foreign lands; They organized groups, associations "moved" by motorcycle with the motto: "Go! To realize or do not ever hesitate to saving love. "They are charity Phuot.
Moc Chau’s Cauliflower 2013 Are Blooming in Ang Village

Moc Chau’s Cauliflower 2013 Are Blooming in Ang Village

 04:10 18/11/2013

Currently cauliflower flowers began to appear relatively more in area around The pine forests Ang Village. This year, no more flowers and each batch is unclear, but it is still quite beautiful. Please recommend some places to explore and experience the floral wealth in the Ang

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