Come to Moc Chau go to the love market, welcome Independence Tet.

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Come to Moc Chau go to the love market, welcome Independence Tet.

If you're wondering not know where should travel 2/9 holiday, a trip to Moc Chau happy Tet Independence with Hmong would be extremely attractive destination.
 With the Hmong on Moc Chau Plateau (Son La), in a year with two important occasions, such as: Traditional Tet and Independent Tet 2/9.

According to old people in Moc Chau Independence Tet of Mongolia was born from the late 50s of last century to gratitude Party and Uncle Ho, the Government has brought independence and freedom for the country people say Hmong general and particular. On this occasion, all Hmong people regardless of age, girls or boy, or wealth eagerly altogether down district center pleased independence day Festival.

To reach the festival, Hmong people have to prepare from the previous day, to choose for themselves the best costumes, the most brilliant.

The festivities usually last from 31/8 to 2/9 day, but the most crowded is 1/9. In particular, love Moc Chau market is held on the ninth annual calendar is expected to be her children. They come here not for sale, but to date, given posts emotional, gestures express love, to have fun delight after days slog.

A few days in fairs to meet, communicate, talk, get married, drink feelings ... although can not fully fill the everyday troubles deprivation but also a motivation for them to keep trying. And do not ever know it, Moc Chau love market has become a characteristic culture can not be ignored with tourists.

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Independence Tet is an opportunity for the couple dating

In recent years, Independence Tet is also an opportunity for local and foreign tourists to Moc Chau, enjoy the air is very fresh, cool, mix with vibrant atmosphere, fun here.

Order to independent Tet more lively, Moc Chau district has organized many activities to promote tourism and attract tourists from everywhere as coordinating with travel center open tours to the sights pants can Uncle Ho visited the United station officials, soldiers and people in the town of Moc Chau farm; Tay Tien Epitaphs soldiers, Don Moc Lỵ, bat cave, Dai Yem waterfall ...

Tourists come here not only to admire the beauty of ethnic in traditional costumes, but also to participate and learn many special cultural activities. In addition, many traditional games were held, attracting the participation of such a large number of retired cake contest, cooking contest, came also, walking on stilts, push the stick, beat tu lu, Pao threw, dragon brooding egg game ...

Costumes of children Day festival in Moc Chau

The highlight featured in this year's Independence Festival arts program Night 1/9 with firework display extremely brilliant celebrate 70 years of the August Revolution and National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

In addition, special programs in the framework of the cultural festival of ethnic Moc Chau district in 2015 as the competition of creating logos (logo) Moc Chau, Moc Chau Tourism gift, beautiful pictures Moc Chau then and now, Round fanned higher participation themed " Moc Chau impression" ... also promises to be an unforgettable experience for everyone.

The detailed content and calendar of festivals in Moc Chau and Van Ho, visitors see here:

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