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In late October and early November, the rainy season has ended long ago, also switch to winter. So that Dai Yem Waterfall this year, Water was rushing down. A visitor stands at the foot waterfall shouted in the phone to his friends: Waterfall this season is beautiful, to Moc Chau only!
thác dải yếm
It is true that real beautiful waterfall, not as strong, aggressive, water rushing down the leg as the rainy season, the water is clear, white foam on top of the falls, but down to the foot of the gentle flowing, blended with moss the bottom of butting green water. Blue sky, clouds hovering, sunshine poured through the canopy density of old trees into the water sparkling like inlaid silver.

Way down to the waterfall, see the small bars made of bamboo, tents sold for less popular specialties by Thai farmers in neighboring villages and sitting sell, few tents selling both kebab, served with grilled fish leaves only the Thai people know the name. Everything leaves sour, acrid acrid, rolling meat, fish and dots Cham Cheo, more homemade wine cups, eating did not feel tired, just see the fragrant, sweet pangolin tongue. Miss innkeeperr wearing traditional costumes with AO COM, dot skirt heel fan grill sat waving and chatting with guests, she said pointing down stream, the stream flowing from Laos forever, running under foot waterfall strip overalls and the Yen Chau forever more, this leaves some kind of harvest in that stream, trees that grow naturally only.

thác dải yếm mộc châu
Beautyful Waterfall is soft as silk beautiful, water flows into streams of harmony murmuring as above, friendly people, hospitable, a bit rustic, but also have the sense of tourism, knowing focus Dress properly traditional, customary, though sketchy, but furnished with utensils, ancient utensils farmers still used, such as the wheel, the seats ...

thác dải yếm mộc châu
Beautiful scenery, people is friendly and gradually interest to preserve the traditional culture of their nation, but still find a few ridges, making beautiful Dai Yem incomplete. Affordable, who are assigned to manage attractions Dai Yem should organize more frequent cleaning and planting falls way down on either side of the road down the easy to grow flowers, lush and flowering throughout the year, to the aisle no longer the weed furrows wild?

thác dải yếm mộc châu
Furthermore, should also have sea and remind visitors the sense of preserving the environment, to not see the scene bins are empty that around barrels or walking along the road full of garbage.

 thác dải yếm
Hopefully, Dai Yem was beautiful, but later still nicer !!!


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