Fun with Hua Tat village

Saturday - 29/08/2015 07:21
Has become standard practice, 2 years, since separated from Moc Chau district,Van Ho District select Hua Tat village, Van Ho commune to hold Independence Tet 2-9.

Vui cùng Hua Tạt
Fun with  Hua Tat village

Ban Hua TaT of the Mong, located along Highway 6, a side of the boulevard, one side is a high cliff, the village is situated of acres in the middle, peace and quiet.

The so peacefully, quietly expressed right from the entrance, some kid colorful traditional clothes playing and see a stranger holding a camera as a toilet look and whisper together the long, strange guests visiting village, wants to be photographed, but a bit shy.

Visit village, that almost all the houses in the village have to do with a traditional, there are simple bungalow, surrounded by a garden cabbage cats, some plum trees, peach trees, under garden could also have little chicken or piglet chasing each other.

On a family visit Hmong in the, you'll be very curious with forge crafts, corn mill, old. Immediately Highway 6, Power also on village long ago, motorcycles, mill and for all, but many still hold items, this work as a traditional beauty. Even, you absolutely can school yourself a cat varies according Hmong style (of course with the help of the owner).
Which house indoors as well see a mortar cake, and several sets Khen. If you want to find out, the landlord willing to invite you to enjoy immediately some traditional music from Khen, flute buttocks, mouth organ and even the ebullient Khen dance, throbbing again.

 Particularly 2-9 occasions annually and the traditional festival of the people (Kinh people 1 month ago) stadium of the bustling laughter and the costumes were colorful. The traditional game: Pao throwing, hit recording, play dau pao, push stick, dragon brooding evident in the festival, tourists also joined very playful, interesting.
Now, to the Hua Tat sightseeing, you can stay always. Hua Tat became community tourist, there is a house on stilts was erected right next to the stadium of the tourists stay, serving both food cultural entertainment. The house is unique rustic floor is designed and built with the best materials close: bamboo, dry trunk ... make sense of calm, soothing atmosphere in the cool, fresh.


Occasions 2-9 this year, if the occasion please visit: Ban Hua Tat, located in Van Ho Commune, Van Ho District, Son La (Km 133-136). Passing Long Luong Commune you will see Hua Tat village on the left.
- Want to visit villages, listen khen, flute, visit smithy and learn Hmong living here, you can to contact  Mr Trang A Chu - 0983 907 855.



Author: Thanh Dao


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