These experiences should definitely try when traveling Moc Chau

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These experiences should definitely try when traveling Moc Chau

Overnight in a stilt house in Ang village, visit Dai Yem waterfall, conquered Mount Pha Luong and taking pictures with white flower reform field, or discover the Son Moc Huong Cave, .. is the experience you should definitely try the Moc Chau Tourism.
Walking on tea hills of Moc Chau
Referring to Moc Chau Plateau, many people often think about green tea hills stretching along the hillside, which became an endless inspiration for photographers and tourist population.

Bên cạnh việc chiêm ngưỡng những đồi chè, du khách cũng có thể mua cho mình đặc sản chè Mộc Châu về làm quà cho gia đình hay bạn bè. Ảnh: Diệu Huyền/Vnexpress
In addition to admire the tea hills, visitors can also buy yourself specialties Moc Chau tea as a gift for family or friends.
In Moc Chau Plateau, tea is grown in the farm town. It also is one of three owned area tea hills heart impression and attract the most tourists Moc Chau. So, here you do not miss a chance walking on the tea hills in the early morning, to feel the drops of dew remaining on young green leaves.
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Morning dew on Moc Chau Plateau.
Visit Dai Yem waterfall
Dai Yem waterfall (or Nang waterfall, Vat village waterfall) of Muong Sang Commune, Moc Chau District, Son La Province. There are names such tenderness by looking from a distance, like a waterfall 'strip bibs' indifference connecting heaven and earth.
Vẻ đẹp hoang sơ của thác Dải Yếm. Ảnh: Đoàn Tiến
The wild beauty of the falls Strip bib.
Dai Yem waterfalls is one of the beauty spots of Moc Chau. From the center of the town of Moc Chau, Son La to go down toward, to travel the junction, then turn Sap border gate. From here, the road separated from Highway 6, about 5 km away is coming.
The falls have a height of 100 m, divided into two branches, one party has 9 floors and a party of 5 floors, 2 waterfall are spaced about 200 m. The falls are not reliable and less water, like its name suggests, soft waterfall sparkling in the sun.
Thác Dải Yếm đẹp nhất vào mùa mưa tháng 4 hoặc tháng 10 hàng năm. Ảnh: Huy Trần/

Strip most beautiful waterfalls in the rainy season bib April or October every year.
Strip most beautiful waterfalls in the rainy season bib April or October every year, by this time much water volume, forming a curtain of white water, both mighty and poetic. If you come here in the spring, you can combine sightseeing, picnic with friends, watching the wild flowers and sharp enough to feel complete tranquility of the scene where high rang.
Overnight in a stilt house in  Ang Village
Dubbed 2nd Da Lat , Vietnam, Ang Village is a lovely village, inhabited by ethnic Thai, here are more beautiful flower garden improvements.
Khu nhà sàn ở Bản Áng. Ảnh: ST

Stilt houses in Ang Village
Coming to the Án, tourists get to experience living with Thai people, in traditional stilt houses, deep sleep when lying cushions kapok, enjoy specialty dishes. Besides, tourists come here will not be surprised from the beauty of the lake of 5 hectares, is located next to a pine forest with 43 ha of land stretching across hills red feralit brown, forming a beautiful natural landscape.
Rừng thông Bản Áng. Ảnh:
Ang Village pine forest.
 Pha Luong conquered mount
Pha Luong mountain range, Long Sap commune, Moc Chau district, Son La province all year round in the dim mists have long become a familiar address of the phượt enthusiasts defense or explore.
Pha Luông là điểm đến được được nhiều bạn trẻ ao ước một lần được chinh phục. Ảnh: Hải An – Huy Hòa
Pha Luong is the destination of many young people desire once been conquered.
In just one morning here, you can witness many different weather patterns. There is sunshine in the blue, suddenly blurred clouds spin. Discover paradise at Pha Luong clouds would make climbing the footsteps of the traveler as to forget time and fatigue.
Đường lên Pha Luông. Ảnh: Mèo Già

The way up Pha Luong.
 Pha Luong way not far from Laos. Therefore, to continuing the journey, you can discover through the gate Laos Long Sap. This is the international border, but the air is still characteristic of the mountainous region.
Discover Son Moc Huong Cave
Son Moc Huong aka Moc Chau bat caves - the name has become familiar to many travelers long ago when visiting Moc Chau. From the town of Moc Chau, vice uplink Son La town approximately 300 m, Son Moc Huong Cave Mountain right-hand side, about 150 meters from Highway 6.
Cửa hang động. Ảnh: Cungphuot
Doors cave.
The cave entrance facing south overlooking the large valley, large valley in the middle of seven small mountain like seven jewels. From door can observe the town of Moc Chau. Inside the structure are the stalactites, which makes you feel lost in a fairy world.
Take pictures with white flower cauliflower field 
The rainy day in November is when flowers bloom cauliflower paths throughout Moc Chau Plateau, turning this place into a meeting point for lovers glamorous tourist and like "hunting" flower.
                                                   Moc Chau flower cauliflower white blooming hills.
Unlike in Hanoi, the basket of flowers wrapped only in a small field, in Moc Chau, the flowers are grown contained a hill, this valley extends from the foothills to the other, across the vast space is covered with a pristine white flowers of reform.
Florists People of ethnic wealth to collect and sell old mustard seed for oil pressing facility. So beautiful time to admire the romantic cauliflower field in the sunshine yellow highlights like pouring honey lasts only 2 to 3 weeks.

Khung cảnh tuyệt đẹp tựa như trong câu chuyện cổ tích thần tiên. Ảnh: Yen Nguyen/
                                                                   Beautiful scenery like in a fairy tale.
Travel enthusiasts often whisper great places to admire the beauty of flowers that improved after the pine forest of Ang, the Three Phach the 1, 2, 3 and On Village Five Cave area.

Lạc lối giữa cánh đồng hoa cải. Ảnh: Mèo Già

                                                            Lost admid in the cauliflower flower field 
However, the most beautiful and most famous is still behind the pine forest area with dozens of hectares Ang village white cauliflowers are flowering, visitors will admire the wealth beds run as the eye, from his feet to the top of team…



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