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Tuesday - 05/01/2016 21:48
Moc Chau Tourism - In recent years, Moc Chau is doing ideal destination for holidays, for those trips with family and friends. To enhance tourism activities, Moc Chau District People's Committee has built luxury resort center here.

Moc Chau luxury resort center located on the area Van Ho Commune (Van Ho district) and Phieng Luong Commune (Moc Chau district). This is a functional area focusing on developing the tourism product as senior medical nurse, mountain resorts, parks…  Moc Chau resort high level center land area of around 600 ha, is expected to include the following functional areas: 

Moc Chau luxury resort center  

1. Mountain Resort: This resort is built on a high mountain in order to take advantage of the good weather conditions in the Moc Chau cater to the needs of tourist resorts. This resort is expected to include items such as:

  • Mountain Villa
  • Mountain resort area

  • Service works System

  2. Diagnosis and treatment and nursing area: This is a nursing diagnosis and treatment, the use of rare herbs. Estimated include a number of items such as
• Processing and collecting herbs Center
• Diagnosis and Treatment Center
 • Applications Research Center
 • Nursing Homes
 • Service works System
• Park your collectibles medicines

Van Ho Park

3. Van Ho Park: This is the area of cultural tourism park to be built in the area both lakes Towards Gentle functional areas of the national tourist zone is both a park Moc Chau town of Van Ho (when Van Ho town was founded). Expected covering the main items:
- Landscape Park
- Service works System

Green tea hills

Moc Chau currently owns the natural landscape beautiful. In the future, hopefully this place will become a address the most resort of our country.




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