In April Moc Chau beautiful sightseeing

Monday - 03/04/2017 04:39
In April, Moc Chau flowers are no longer appearing, leaving room for beautiful scenes, interesting experiences.
Ngắm cảnh đẹp Mộc Châu tháng 4
Every season in Moc Chau is beautiful, also has its own features to explore. Moc Chau summer is marked from April with its own beauty, attached to green. 

1. Strawberry orchard, orchids 

When broccoli flower, Ban flowers, Flower triangular flowers are out of season, the forest spreading its blooming splendor. At the farm of JSC United scenes Plateau, visitors are immersed in the colors purple, golden, pink and sweet scents of thousands of rolls asphyxia wild orchids blooming, breeze aroma.

On the corner of the farm is the strawberry orchards that are in the most fruitful period, the strawberry here is most famous for Moc Chau not only because the owner was the first to bring the strawberries for trial planting,
Growing successful, but also after years of rolling, experiment, the boss has chosen the most delicious, sweetest and most fragrant mulberry varieties suitable for the climate and land conditions in Moc Chau. 
2. The tea hills, green pastures immense.
 After the hibernating days, the tea planted in the green nursery.
Coming to Moc Chau from April, can not help but admire the vast blue of Moc Chau tea hills. Some beautiful views of the tea hills

 Moc Chau Tea Mountain: Located in the center of Moc Chau Farm. It is one of the largest and oldest tea areas. There are quite a lot of points to see, but the most popular place is the 69 tea garden opposite Moc Chau Tea Company.
Especially: on 7-4 will take place Moc Chau Tea Festival II with lots of interesting activities.
- Tea heart: Taiwan tea hill on the road into the On village five cave, an area of 70 hectares, many beautiful scenic areas and interesting photography. There are tea hills on the right hand side of the road that many visitors love.

Moc Suong tea hill: Tea plantations are located in subdivision 34, on the way to Tan Lap commune, with heart tea hill and the word "Love" is quite beautiful.

3. Dai Yem waterfall:
Starting in April, when the rainy season arrives, Dai Yem waterfall begins in the most beautiful season of the year. The waterfalls are both poetic and majestic white foam that flows through many layers of water poured down the stream below the poetic and charming.

In addition, there are attractions in Moc Chau are familiar as: Moc Chau Happy Land Tourist, Lam Vien Tay Tien, pine forest...

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