Houaphanh Tourist Attractions

Houaphanh Tourist Attractions

 03:23 26/05/2022

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Northwestern localities join hands to develop regional tourism products

 21:38 14/03/2018

Representatives from local authorities in the northwestern, central agencies on tourism and travel enterprises gathered at a workshop in Lao Cai on December 16 to discuss measures for strengthening linkage to promote and develop tourism products which are characteristic of the Northwest.
Ban Flowers in Moc Chau

Het Cha Festival - unique culture of Thai people in Moc Chau

 01:21 24/03/2015

We come to Moc Chau district in Son La province in the cool air of the highlands. Perhaps little place to feel the seasons move in here.

Moc Chau homestay in Vietnam

 05:19 30/06/2014

The splendidly scenic Moc Chau plateau is home to wonderful mountains and a variety of rich agriculture. This is a great place to explore, full of wild trails, deep valleys, remote villages.
The most beautiful tourist destinations in Moc Chau

The most beautiful tourist destinations in Moc Chau

 03:47 03/10/2012

Poetic "is to embrace the beauty of the mountains Moc Chau. This is also the way that many people love backpacker fascinated, and then want to go back.
Moc Chau tourism, A destination ideal weekend

Moc Chau tourism, A destination ideal weekend

 21:38 27/09/2012

Moc Chau plateau is located Hanoi about 180 km Northwest of Hanoi, a road not short, but many young people of Hanoi still choose to bike here. This green plateau as strong attraction, any seasons coming here will also enjoy.- If you are a backpacker favorite( Phuot) you can bike, straight Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan District, along the Nation Highway No 6 to.


 21:20 24/09/2012

My college friend Nguyen Minh Chi is a tea lover – to put it mildly. Such is Chi's passion for green tea, yellow tea, Oolong tea, black tea, white tea, blended tea (Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Jasmine tea) – you name it she likes it – that Chi's idea of a perfect day out is to visit a tea plantation and take photos of tea plants (she is a keen amateur photographer). Oh, and of course attending the tea party afterwards.
Coming to Moc Chau, Son La

Coming to Moc Chau, Son La

 04:26 24/05/2012

Moc Chau (Son La province) from the center of Hanoi city less than 200 km. Moc Chau beautiful. Beautiful to the point, it is desirable for the time stopped to admire the satisfaction is the natural scene in the early morning or evening: there is a clear waste of Moc Chau smog fragile ...

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