5 reasons for choosing Moc Chau is the most ideal for trip in Western New Year

Thursday - 10/12/2015 22:43
With 3 New Year holidays, many people spend time relaxing with family travel in places less crowded and transportation, a trip really summed rest the old year and welcome the new year with much excitements. Moc Chau is one of too ideal destination for a trip like that. PYS Travel suggested 5 compelling reasons to choose Moc Chau for holiday trips in Western New Year's you and your family:

1.    Moc Chau blooming cauliflower flowers season is the most beautiful of the year.

Since the end November cauliflower in Moc Chau has sprung sporadic blooming flowers and bright, vast as last month 12. Pure white flower hill, valley of flowers stretches like a wonderland located in the realm of real. 


Pure white flower hill, valley of flowers stretches like a wonderland located in the realm of real.

In the white spaces, velvety blooms wealth will give visitors the experience of the new, pristine, full of inspiration and creativity to welcome a new year. Stroll together with friends, relatives admire the flowers floating flap in the highland sun and wind will give you an unforgettable impression. A first vacation, to expect the clarity, good luck in the New Year, get rid of old troubles. Flower cauliflower in mountain and hill space wind long yards wide of northwestern mountains are extremely exciting experience for your trip.



Stroll together with friends, relatives admire the flowers floating flap in the wind sunny plateau

2.    Abundance of beautiful places to visit

Go to Moc Chau plateau beyond beautiful admire the valley flowers sunlit wind, visitors have the opportunity to visit many unique sites. Which must include: green tea hills in the early morning mist, Farm town tea hill , Heart tea hills, pine forests Ban Ang - Dalat of Northern, Dai Yem Waterfall pour white, majestic, five caves On village, orchid gardens, strawberry, peach plum garden entrances spindly stems, flowers bloom sporadically soon ...

Dai Yem waterfall Falls white water pouring, like silk smooth sun traversing the Northwest Save beautiful moments in spectacular waterfall
Save beautiful moments in spectacular waterfall
With airy space and a mild climate, combined with the gentle scenery destination really brings visitors moments of relaxation.



Walking around  Ang village pines lake in  New Year's Day

3. Appropriate time

This year, the Western New Year holiday lasts, workers and employees are entitled to 3 days. With a long trip 2-3 days to Moc Chau, one day to rest and set the plan for the new year, this is a reasonable schedule, the trip comfortable for combining relaxation, examination breaking and visitor experience. Time for families or groups of friends can join many fun activities, entertainment, sightseeing Moc Chau.


Enjoy the silky green wave in Moc Chau tea

4.      Favorable way, the distance is not too far from Hanoi

Besides, the favorable conditions on the landscape, climate and time, Moc Chau is also full of attractive destination for many people, as a place not too far from Hanoi. From Hanoi, takes about 6 hours to move, 200 km, travelers can go to a different space and new space separating noisy town, bustling. Distance to be travelled from Hanoi to Moc Chau nor too difficult to navigate, with low mountain passes and gentle, going towards Highway 6. With this distance, without causing fatigue and boredom for guests. 


Moc Chau attracted tourist by many favorable conditions of landscape, climate ad geographical distance

5. Enjoy the colorful delicious food of people in Moc Chau

There is something extremely interesting that you should definitely experience when Moc Chau. It is enjoying the dishes that only this country has.

môc châu

Will feel more warm, winter day plateau guests to enjoy delicious dishes such as Veal perturbed - rustic dishes in the meal each visitor to Moc Chau. Concrete core perturbed its delicious main point is that "hot": pieces perturbed calves eat as soon as they drain the fat from the pan completely different when cooled: it is soft, sweet, more aromatic.

mộc châu

Stream fish stream fish baked crispy, greasy. Or taro soup MAN fat fleshy, aromatic plasticizer Northwest bold. Also, not to mention the delicious dishes like pork stolen spleen, buffalo meat upstairs kitchen, Nam Pia ... or produce special items as a gift bought at specialty Moc Chau Farm supermarket.


Moc Chau Farm supermarket with rich gifts specially produce the grasslands of Moc Chau

Until that reason alone, you crazy enough to want to Moc Chau right foot, to enjoy the wonderful things on the occasion of Western New Year.


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