Sightseeing route roadmap in Moc Chau

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Sightseeing route roadmap in Moc Chau

Tourism routes and destinations (1): Bat Cave - Tropical Flower Garden - Plateau landscape Flower – Ang village pine forests - Vat Hong Pagoda – Dai Yem Waterfall - Long Sap border gate.
1. Son Moc Huong Cave (Bat Cave): Located in Moc Chau town center, with an area of 6.915m2 also known as Sa Lai Cave (Water Cave) because in the mountains there are large groundwater in the cool green flowing around the year never dry, the water source to farmers in Moc Chau town, this place is like Tay Thien De Nhat Dong, an art masterpiece endowed this land.
Come to Bat Cave, visitors will hear thrilling legends about sacred Dragon. There is a dragon, travels the four winds, crossing this region see charming landscape, picturesque scenery, temperate place he stopped making base. To thank his land nourished, they die, Dragon released 7 jewels, nowaday is 7 adjacent mountain valleys. Mountains with caves, where is such that the dragon body lies, changing scenery spectacular day, pale morning read, noon blue, bright pink evening, twilight ultramarine purple.
Bat Cave is divided into 3 compartments, in the cave tourists will feel the cool air as well as its own mysterious beauty of ice stalactites. Bat Cave heritage Ministry of Culture and Information recognized national ranking in 1998.

2. Tropical Flower Garden (in Bua village, Ang village, Dong Sang commune and Subregional Bun Bo – Nong Truong town, Moc Chau): belong Moc Chau Tropical Flowers Joint Stock Company have a total area of 24ha. Here apply the model produced high quality flowers with choices like import, Modern technology, process manufacturing plant safe, premium flowers mainly: tulips, lilies, orchids Ho Diep ... the focus on organic vegetable garden: tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers , zucchini, spinach, lettuce purple, ... visit the garden visitors not only admire, learn the process of flower care, but also manually buy high-quality products as a gift for your family, friends.

Vườn Hoa Tu Lip

3. Plateau sences flowers (Ang village, Dong Sang commune): The way Ang village Pine forest about 1km, orchid gardens, strawberry garden large over 20,000 m2 of Plateau sences flowers Joint Stock Company will be an interesting destination in your trip. This can be considered a collector area and conserve local breeds orchids, wild orchids, cultivation ocal Cymbidiums species and orchids are imported from China, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Japan…Strawberries are grown in Moc Chau was 4-5 years ago, so far it has affirmed its position by matching the soil and climate. Plateau flower garden is now expanding the area planted for export to cities and processed into jams, wine… Moreover, most interesting is that been hand-picking of the ripe strawberries, and enjoy the sweet, cool, seductive scent, passionate be at the traditional folds floor amidst a relaxed, quiet, and enjoy watching the flowers and strawberry, also adding that each season has its own unique fruits such as peaches, mango, avocado, labels, ...

Vườn Hoa Lan

4. Ang village pine forests (Dong Sang commune ): It is far from Moc Chau town about 3 km, amenities guests will not surprised from the beauty of the lake 5 ha sits of pine forest have 43 ha of land stretching across hills brown red feralite forming beautiful natural landscape. It has a healthy climate, cool, charming romantic scenery… Coming to the Ang visitors are also experience the beauty of the traditional cultural customs with floor roof retains many traditional wicker, cushions kapok, brocade, spreading the urge to dance invite call, the ancient folk songs, the festival "Welcome new rice" Het Cha" ...; Coming here can not help but enjoy ethnic cuisine moisture from natural ingredients, produce mountains, where people can process 40-50 different kinds of dishes unique flavor of mountain Northwest forest.

Rừng Thông Bản Áng

5. Dai Yem waterfall (Vat village, Muong Sang commune): also known as Nang or Vat waterfall, only far away from 5km center Moc Chau district towards Highway 43. Waterfalls located on streams of Vat village, originated from two Bo Co Lam and Bo Ta Chau ravine at the top of the Vat village. The height of the waterfall about 100 meters, divided into two branches, one party has 9 floors, a party of 5 floors, two waterfalls far apart about 200m. Dai Yem waterfall is the most beautiful in April to October each year, by this time, the amount of water pour on very much, the total waterfall has width of 70m, it is a view of white water, both mighty and poetic, looking from afar like as “strip silk plastron” linking heaven with earth. In particular, Dai Yem waterfall is rated as provincial landscapes in 2012.
More interesting, when visitors to Vat village, this is a total village of Thai ethnic with the parentage family: Sa, Ha, Hoang ... residents in village still retains the traditional culture ethnic as: stilt house and decoration inside, traditional costumes; water field economic, upland, brocade and culinary culture.

Mộc Châu, điểm đến hấp dẫn

6. Vat Hong Pogoda (Chien Vien): The pogoda is located in Vat village, Muong Sang commune. Pogoda was built in the thirteenth century by Moc Chau’s Thai ethnic, with a amount of the Buddha statues is worshiped in the temple are: 1 large statues, 8 medium statues, 56 small statues by bronze, 2 statues by tin, 1 small statue by ivory ... But so far, Chien Vien pagodas had ruined which only remain a background about 100m2, two altar, several pillars and walls by stone with the arch doors has deteriorated, dilapidated. Especially, a stele (99cm x 64cm x 15cm), is carved half by Thai word and half by Chinese. Content of stele, both say about construction of the pogoda. Among the relics of temples scattered, displaced in many places, so far has collected many Buddha statues are stored at room culture Moc Chau district and museums in Son La province.


7. Long Sap border gate (Long Sap commune): Toward to highwway no.43 town of Moc Chau 30km, passing through Muong Sang, Sang Dong, Chieng Ve commune ... of Moc Chau district. The road toward along the Sat stream with two-side by mountains, like as beautiful paintings, guests will go to the final point which is Sap border gate, where trade between Long Sap with Hua Phan province of country  Laos. And guests can go shopping at the markets of Laos with the characteristic food and household which are sold on the simple sells together with friendly attitude, reasonable price.



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