Autumn on Moc Chau Plateau

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Autumn on Moc Chau Plateau

Autumn on Moc Chau Plateau
Autumn comes. As cauliflower flowering season white bloom hillsides, as floral green mountains season, aromatic grain season golden valley The beauty only in the northern mountains, dances, flickering flames, the kebab fragrance "deaf nose", the girl Hmong, Thai in ethnic dress… all both glamorous come to Moc Chau…
1. The natural scenery:
- Autumn comes, brilliant red, yellow, purple, green on costume of Hmong ethnic. Weather is cool daytime, night down is cool climate.
Late autumn weather is bit cold once the fog are still tangerine wrap embrace the grass twigs despite mild golden rays began to dawn. Along the long road about 3km connecting the two towns Moc Chau and Nong Truong, the girls themselves stupor before the fence forever wild sunflowers yellow flowers long run, grow tight little house beautiful entrance sleepy sun collection.

2. Traditional festival of national culture, folk games:

- Xip Xi Tet of Thai people: The white Thai people have Xip xi Tet is celebrated in July 14th annual Lunar. On this day, the duck was offered in first of village temple, Pork is being offered at the end of village temple. The white Thai people is called Xip Xi Tet is absolved (but not absolved as Kinh people to the July full moon lunar calendar) that is absolved for people living.

70 Lên Mộc Châu vui Tết Xíp Xí với đồng bào Thái
White Thai People offer your gift to give thanks owner shrines were sheltered for life of the village is healthy, lucky; demanding gods skip for the descendants accidentally errors have. After the offering is completed, people are often yarn used forced to hand to get lucky. Through this day, they took off yarn forced into a corner their curtain. In addition, according to the custom of the Thai people, before going away or do something related to abstinence are used as offerings duck. Compatriots have conception that duck meat is hydrophobic ghost.

 Xip Xi Tet is an opportunity for people to express gratitude for the buffalo, cow, production tools ... all been washed, cleaned and was presented with a tray of offerings chickened out ceremonies objects, especially duck, sticky rice dyed blue, red, purple, yellow.

- Independent Tet of Hmong ethnic: Every year, close to National Day on 2/9, Hmong people across the northwest of the town dump excitement Moc Chau, Moc Chau District, Son La to be immersed in the atmosphere of one of the biggest festival of the year, Tet festival to celebrate Independence...
When people newly harvested maize crop spring and harvested plums, peaches. Moc Chau Hmong eager to prepare for independent Tet. Men often take Khen to clean, take the flute to practice good music. Women are busy to prepare for his new shirt dresses flashy. Hmong are wearing tutus that they embroider even years to complete, as if just for this special day. The son Hmong also dressing, beret swooning, square scarf squeezed crooked, carry the Khen nobly and his side wore small cassette release romantic songs Hmong language. Boys and girls gather in groups, joking, singing until the morning.

'dem khong ngu' mung tet doc lap tren cao nguyen moc chau hinh 1
Tet Independence usually lasts from August 29th to September 2 rd, but the most crowded is in September 1st. According to some olders people in Moc Chau retold about Tet Independence of ethnic Hmong advent from the late 50s of last century. Through the ups and downs of history, traditions that still hold to this day communication. Every year, on the day 2/9, all Hmong people irrespective young and old, boys or girls, rich or poor from near and far vilages in the district excitement back into town to get together for gratitude Communist Party and Uncle Ho brought independence and freedom for the people of the country in general and Hmong communities.
Had Catch a wife for a long time, is a cultural beauty of H'Mong people. According to old procedure, when a boy and a girl like each other, or in special cases than just the boy in love with girl, boy will ask some friends to "catch wife" the girl arrested on home boys, girls will be in particular a room for 3 days. During this time, the boy did not meet the girl, everything related to convince girls to do his wife had to resort to mother or sister, younger sister. When the mother or sister, younger sister of the boy brought dresses for the girls instead, if girls wore dresses that mean she agreed to take boy for a husband.

The boys Mong is represented khen, tug, play spin, thick cake pounding competition. The girls were singing and dancing performances in fairs and cooking competition.

- Miss Dairy Cow: Early October, whole Moc Chau farm to prepare the organization bustling Miss Dairy Cow. Hundreds cow grooming, caring thorough, gentle wears bright red bow. Entering the final round with 106 cows, calves of 74 farming households in Moc Chau dairy breeds JSC, They have been carefully selected from more than 8000 cows of households and units in the region. The jury was graded according to the following criteria: appearance, body weight, milk, parities ... Go with a unique beauty pageant this in Moc Chau, tourists can participate in fun games, enjoy free fresh cow milk.

3. Cuisine, the traditional national dish:
- “Thang co” dishes: When the weather is cold, was warm while enjoying a hot bowl “Thang Co” with fragrant corn wine. Thang Co is the typical dishes of traditional Hmong but now is a good food and familiar people mountainous. Thang Co is made most parts of the horse (or cow, buffalo), together with all kinds of vegetables ... into a saucepan simmered. If you want to eat a Thang Co nation genuine, visitors can go on Tet holiday of people ethnic groups in Moc Chau in September 2th every year.

thang - co-moc-chau

- Meo cabbage Moc Chau: The main crop from October 8-11, with dark green leaves, tree health, rich in nutrients. Vegetables are cooked in many ways: fried, cooked, boiled. Typically, processing a simple way, just shredded, beaten ginger in boiling water is poured with a cool bowl of soup, very affordable for customers to drink alcohol. More feats, vegetables can be cooked with minced chicken meat tangled, do not forget to spice ginger and season sauce, salt, connoisseurs will experience a truly unique flavor by sweeteners of chicken used to the cool sweet, bitter undercurrent of eating vegetables make people feel not fed up.
 Meo cabbage longer attractive if fried with beef, especially the bacon. These crunchy vegetable fiber, chewy slightly bitter incense combined with smoked meats have very private charming character created for upland cuisine. Many people still use improvement Meo in the list of vegetables to eat hot pot. For ease of eating, using small trees, a few new young leaves sprout, dipped in hot pot is spiraling, connoisseurs will feel cool sweetness, fresh dish of vegetables. Remember, no matter what they cook vegetables housewife wring into sections and not cut, like new keep-taste of vegetables.

cai+meo+moc+chau+pys+travel003 Vấn vương cải Mèo Mộc Châu

- Man Taro: farmers often sell unloading range from September to the 12th lunar month. There are things like this did not take long to spend as normal taro, so under the cupboard, closet roared still root rot upwards as potato galaxy.A gourmet doctor resource. Now tell me a tip: want to run long, looking old potatoes, peel apart type, dry and not be washed with water, then tightly wrap paper used for cooling in the refrigerator compartment. Tet, in a few potato soup spend less eating, nor was King Kang Xi day before eating taro Le Pho is how.
Knowing Man taro Moc Chau without enjoying deliciou, then wasted trip! If a visit to Moc Chau, once you try to eat Man taro.

4. The material, souvenirs, shopping service location:

- Moc Chau Avocado: From July until September, if given the opportunity excursions Moc Chau (Son La), brought in gift bag do not forget to buy some butter signed offline! Moc Chau no yellow butter trees, avocado trees such services elsewhere. Moc Chau avocados flower bloom from December last year until July next year new fruit ripening. Perhaps because so long accumulation, so you eat Moc Chau avocados seldom seen or crude fiber. Cut fruits, the Moc Chau often seeded fruit coated surface and so less milk spoon sweet pieces of soft avocados, smooth.

- Moc Chau persimmon : Fuyu or also known Vietnam names are crispy persimmon. This is the famous red varieties of Japan were introduced to Moc Chau - Son La since the 2000s, it was like sweet pink noodle, fruits on the tree are edible right, without vinegar, do not soak, eat crunchy sweet, not tart, very few seeds or no seeds. Persimmon Fuyu varieties harvested ripe to date results as at green hard still, looking at first glance is not edible, bright shiny yellow color, weight stable fruit cake shaped ceramic square flat slightly favorable for preserved and transported long distances to consume.

212 Lên Mộc Châu ăn hồng giòn Fuyu
- Moc Chau Strawberries: Strawberries are grown trial in Moc Chau was 4-5 years ago, so far it has affirmed its position by matching the soil and climate. It is easy to see when the strawberries gardens are not bored eye is watching closely the strawberry beds. Green mulberry bushes, scattered pure white flowers, small green fruits with marbles, pebbles, Nearly ripe pink fruits milky white mix, red ripe fruit until shiny as if mesmerized, attracted covetous eyes of I do not know how many minutes. However, despite what have any tastly, enjoy the fresh strawberry beam between the mountains at an altitude of 1,050 m as this is extremely happy.

- Where to buy: 
+ The garden avocado, crispy persimmon concentrated in the area: km82, subregional 3, subregional Meteorology, black tea 1, 2, Tien Tien, peach Gardens, 19/8, 34, Red Flag ... The garden strawberries: Garden flowers plateau landscape (A Tuan orchid strawberry), tropical Flowers, 19/5 cooperatives, ...
+ Location on sale: The Central Market area of Moc Chau Center, Nong Truong town and along Highway 6 from steep pinnacle paragraph 75 to go down towards the Van Lake in Hanoi, along the roadside 2 people and in the shop selling produce, specialty Moc Chau are sold at reasonable prices.


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