Moc Chau Moc Homestay Community - nicest motels Moc Chau

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With rustic style house on stilts but comfortable, Moc Chau Moc Homestay bring guests experience of enjoyable sleeping community in the Ang village, Moc Chau.
Moc Chau Moc Homestay Community - nicest motels Moc Chau

Homestay Moc Chau Moc, Ang village, Đong Sang, Moc Chau District
Phone: 01636 828 666


When choose house on stilts in Moc Chau or Ang village, many travelers will be very satisfied to see the floor Moc Chau Moc
nha san ban ang


Located nearby pine forest Ang village, Moc Chau Moc Homestay can accommodate 40 guests with clean blankets, polite; with toilets, hot and cold shower, free wifi.


Like the other of Ang house on stilts, Moc Chau Moc Homestay made by wooden with Thai-style, but a simple, rustic design, close to nature: roof tiles, natural timber, not paint, not polished. Modern equipment such as lights, doors, wall toilets are taken materials from bamboo to ensure the aesthetic and environmental friendliness.


Moc Chau Moc house on stilts have 1 room contains 25-35 person capacity and two small rooms capacity of 6-8 people

 moc chau moc (22)
nhà sàn ở Mộc Châu
Big floor Moc Chau Moc Homestay on stilts
homestay Mộc Châu


Small floor Moc Chau Moc Homestay on stilts

Is rustic, but items such as blankets, mattresses, fans, sanitary equipment to modern, clean and polite to guests feel most comfortable bed floor while go to Moc Chau tourism.


nhà sàn bản áng giá rẻ


Under the floor, there are tables and chairs for guests to relax, drink water. Surrounded by ornamental plants, flowers, fruit.

Homeowners also cleverly hung and presented the daily utensils of Thais as a small museum for visitors more knowledge about the life of ethnic.

Under the floor is also also takes place the traditional meal Thai style, or the specialties of Moc Chau; also where visitors watch cultural art or participate exchange activities with dance bonfire flared, bamboo pole dance, dancing stalls, drinking wine with the charming, beautiful Thai girl.


nhà sàn mộc châu
nhà sàn mộc châu
nhà sàn rừng thông bản áng

Care customer from the smallest detail: shampoo preparation, making brochures destinations in the Ang village in Moc Chau, introduction to Thai ethnic culture, the Thai people in of Ang village... Moc Chau Moc Homestay will give visitors the feeling most comfortable while in Moc Chau.

    homestay bản áng

nhà sàn mộc châu
ngoai canh homestay moc chau moc (1)

Widely car parking, with beach campfire, fresh air, surrounded by views of the village


Moc Chau Moc Homestay is a beautiful stilt and the most qualified, visitors can find and rest when traveling Moc Chau

nha san moc chau

nhà sàn ở bản áng


ngoai canh moc chau moc (5)

ngoai canh moc chau moc (7)
Clean with a full 4-room heater, shower ...


Moc Chau Moc Homestay , Ang village, Đong Sang Commune, Moc Chau District
Phone: 01636 828 666 - Skype:

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