Moc Chau Dairy Miss 2016

Sunday - 09/10/2016 22:25

Moc Chau Dairy Miss 2016

Miss Contest 2016 Moc Chau Dairy will take place from 14-15 / 10. This is an annual competition with abundant variety of activities, attractive.
There is a beauty contest, "contestants" award was also crowned Miss prestigious, but the most special thing of this competition is being held for the "Dairy her." This is considered a "highlight" in the background unique tourism plateau.

The Contest is held every year by Moc Chau Dairy breeds Joint Stock Company, the festival is also a place for farmers to exchange and share experiences, while honoring the golden hands in the dairy sector, to promote the movement of labor production, affirmed the value and quality of dairy products Moc Chau.

Not only that but also a "golden address" so farmers can choose to buy the "milk cow " just good for your farm. After repeatedly held, the contest has attracted numerous "contestants" attend to the number of far more than 10,000 candidates.

In addition to the prerequisite criteria as milk yield and flavor, each "Miss Cow" Miss must meet a variety of criteria such as cows have to be purebred, healthy neck, buttocks bloom, high hips, legs straight, toe nails like bowl, crisp black and white markings, long tail with cotton ... One of the important criteria that form the shape of the breast should be compact, higher than the monks, the veins in your breasts to stand clearly, 4 nipples are, balance and usually located on a flat surface.
There is no age distinction by that, "the family cow" can together go Miss. Exam mother cow category "milking cow" indicator "heifers", small cow then compete calves.


The "her cow" beauty contests are very carefully taken care of physically and mentally, everything is prepared very meticulously and elaborately by the " Miss Boss". What is the sleek fur grooming, trimming is " tail fashionable " so that the most fashionable, has she also used cosmetics to refurbish beautiful pink and white breasts, was listening to music and practicing "gait "as well as confidence from the crowd every day.
In the finale, the "she" was performed two rounds to show off designs. Each one seemed to her that she performed confidently, her shy but also a place just to stand still, occasionally glanced wide-eyed posturing.This is a fascinating and thrilling competition of the contest.


Not only to the "cow she" take the exam, but the "boss" also had the opportunity to express themselves through the competition culture techniques and care. Anyone can apply all his knowledge to bring "plus point" of the "her cow" of his.
Ending the contest "candidates" have the appearance criteria, as well as milk production performance of "catwalk" most beautiful will win and bring the crown of Miss attached a huge amount for his farm in boisterous applause.
By very own beauty contest that gave its name to the international friends to be published in the Daily Mail (UK). Through the contest, the dairy industry has been a significant step forward to create a high-yielding cattle breeds  with double milk production before.
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