Some visiting points in Moc Chau on April 30

Thursday - 20/04/2017 04:38

Some visiting points in Moc Chau on April 30

Management Board of Moc Chau National Zone, We would like to recommend some tourist attractions in Moc Chau for visitors on the 30-4 and 1-5 holidays
  1. Happy Land and Love Garden
The flower gardens in the two tourist resorts have flowers all year round, depending on the season, which have different flowers.
 The space full of flowers promising is the place to check in and photograph ideal for any visitors when coming to Moc Chau

2. Triangular flowers Hill
One thing that surprised many visitors when coming to Moc Chau is seeing the triangular flower blossoming almost year round. If other places where triangular flowers are available only in September to November, in Moc Chau, the triangular flowers of almost every season. This April, flowers are no longer filled with fields and valleys, but in some hills are still blooming brightly awaiting visitors on the occasion of 30-4 and 1-5.

- The first point is triangular flower hill at the top of the slope of Chieng Go, opposite Loc Rung Restaurant
- The second point is the flower hill located near the Na Ka plum area in the Moc Chau Farm Town (Tan Lap access road)
3. Tea fields.
The fields of Moc Chau tea are in the greenest. After the spring is raining and the rain down, Thousands of thousands of tea to grow up green. The green is cover of the urn to bring fresh cool space, attracting every look. . The most beautiful huts for photography are the tea hills of heart in the area of On village, Moc Suong tea hill and tea plantations of Moc Chau Tea Joint Stock Company.

Come here, if lucky, visitors can experience tea picking with workers harvested on the green tea hills.
4. Plum gardens, peaches
Plums and peaches of Moc Chau are beginning to ripen, on the jade green groves loosen the peach, yellow plum, ripe red sweet. In plum garden areas, dug in the Moc Chau Farm Town, or Moc Chau Town, you can wander the villages, the farm to manually pick fruits and enjoy the fruit in place. Feeling is very interesting without having to go anywhere.

If you want to buy fruit as a gift, you can buy right in the garden, or stop along the highway 6, there are many points of the Mong people sell the fruit basket at home garden to sell to serve tourists.

5. Strawberry farm – orchids
It is the blooming and beautiful blooming season, HOA orchard - Strawberry farm of the Highland flower joint stock company will be an ideal choice for visitors in April, Enjoy the delicious strawberries, clean of the best strawberry garden Moc Chau.

Coming to Moc Chau, in addition to the above attractions,There are many beautiful places for you to freely explore and experience.
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