Moc Chau Plateau - Destination of tourist and investors

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Moc Chau Plateau - Destination of tourist and investors

Dated November 12.2014, the Prime Minister issued a decision approving the master plan to develop Moc Chau national tourism zone, Son La province to 2020, with a vision to 2030. From here, the attraction invest and attract tourists to the plateau more prosperous.

With favorable geographical position, endowed by nature, and many potential tourism development, Moc Chau Plateau in Son La Province has been approved by the government planning National tourist zone. The government and local people have been promoting the advantages to Moc Chau become increasingly attractive destination for tourists and investors.
Have heard talk much about Moc Chau Plateau of Son La, this time to Vietnam, Mr Vincent, an American tourist determined to come here. He and his family extremely impressed by the natural beauty and the soul of the people here. Mr Vincent said: "Moc Chau very peaceful, very beautiful scenery, cool climate. My family and friends come here very fun '.
Clearly see the advantages of his native highlands, many businesses and households in Moc Chau has strongly invested in tourism by building restaurants, mini hotels, motels community in villages, developing the tourism products ...
As Moc Chau investment holding and build company, though the unit operates primarily in the construction sector, but has decided to invest 50 billion in the tourism sector since 2011 with the hotel system 3 stars, the district organization of sporting events often full of guests ... 
Next, the company has invested more than 100 billion to build resorts, eco 4 star standard. This area has just put into operation has attracted large number of visitors by the convenience. Mr  Van Huu Le, Chairman of the Board of company said: "Investment opportunities in tourism service Moc Chau has great potential. Moc Chau is endowed with climatic conditions, soil and other conditions very well, so we decided to invest ".
Dated November 12.2014, the Prime Minister issued a decision approving the master plan to develop the national tourism Moc Chau, Son La province by 2020, with a vision to 2030. From here, the attraction attract investors and tourists to the plateau a more prosperous days.
Only in 2016, Moc Chau has worked with over 30 investors surveyed, project planning in the province, mainly in the field of tourism. Among these are the big investors such as corporations Becamex Binh Duong, SunGroup, VinGroup, FLC Thanh Hoa, Muong Thanh Group. There has 9 projects in Son La province to approve investment decisions.
Moc Chau District People's Committee also agreed, for the investment policy with 14 projects. Private Muong Thanh corporations have invested in Moc Chau Plateau 500 billion construction project scope includes system over 3 hectares Muong Thanh hotel 5 star standards, a business center, high-end supermarkets.
Tran Dai Nghia, directors of hotels Muong Thanh Moc Chau said: "Realizing the development potential of Moc Chau, we will open additional supplementary service 5-star standards. Group in the near future will explore, expand the area recreation spots in Moc Chau and Son La city ". 
In addition to creating favorable conditions for enterprises to learn and invest, Moc Chau district has proposed with the competent authorities 5 mechanisms, specific policies to invest in of Moc Chau National tourist area and policies to support the development of community tourism. The planning, promotion and management of quality of service, guests are also served to strengthen the district.
Mr. Long Center, vice chairman of Moc Chau district, added: "We also continue to support the development of tourism activities, ensure how to attract tourists and create confidence of travelers to Moc Chau. We will also have the investment, innovation, improve management, to ensure how every once tourists to Moc Chau is going to have the new location. "
2016, the first Moc Chau Plateau welcomed a large number of visitors, tourism, with over 1 million 050 thousand, four years ahead of the plan. And so, Moc Chau Plateau has been going to the goal is the ideal destination of tourists and investors.

Bich Thuy/VOV-Northwest

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