Moc Chau, the highlight Northwest

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Moc Chau, the highlight Northwest

Moc Chau is famous for dairy and tea specialties, but recently, this beautiful plateau also became the center of Northwest tourism with the beauty of the flower fields immense immense, with unique features in the culture of the ethnic Hmong, Thai, Dao, Muong ...
Moc Chau National tourism zone, Moc Chau district and Van Ho district in Son La Province, 180 km away from Hanoi to the northwest, the large plateau that stretches for about 80 km and 25 km wide, with an average altitude above 1,050 meters, the average temperature of 18 - 21oC, Da Lat is known as the North. This is a land full convergence typical ecosystems of Vietnam as: steppe with immense plains choy flower, wild sunflowers, blue tea hills, 4 season hot springs, rainforest, forest native with many plants, flowers precious uniqueness.


Son Moc Huong Cave (Bat Cavei), monuments scenic places national level lie at the district center.
On Village Five Cave from the Nong Truong town of Moc Chau 10km.
Dreamy pine forest located in the Ang Dong Sang, Moc Chau from the town approximately 3km.
Dai Yem waterfall soft as silk bib located in Vat village, Muong Sang commune, Moc Chau from the town about 5km, on the way to the Long Sap gate
Green steppe - Impressive ecological agriculture:
Impressed by the sea of cloudy, mist is unfurling unfurling mountain peak attractive agro-tourism products.
Featured with meadows, trees and grass green tea hill; cows graze leisurely ups and many specialties: fresh milk, yogurt, milk cake, shan snow tea, oolong, Bat Tien tea. 

Cam nang du lich Moc Chau, diem nhan vung Tay Bac-hinh-anh-1
Go to Moc Chau, travelers not forget watching green tea hills trees and grass here.
Go to Moc Chau tea hills outside watching the heart, snow hill shan tea, guests are challenging ourselves to become workers picking tea, processed tea and tea products enjoy.

Steppe 4 seasons has fragrant flowers, fruits:  

Cam nang du lich Moc Chau, diem nhan vung Tay Bac-hinh-anh-2
Caulyflower flowers blooming white Moc Chau hill
Spring have peach flowers, Ban flower, plum blossom white dye, red dye the hills and villages of the vast forest of flowers. Winter have flowering cauliflower, poinsettia, wild sunflowers interspersed on hillsides, valleys, endless stretches. 
Cam nang du lich Moc Chau, diem nhan vung Tay Bac-hinh-anh-3
The plum blossom trees staining white inside the rooftops

Summer have plums, apricots, peaches ripe. Autumn have crispy pink, butter. To winter juicy strawberries ...The flower garden planted in high technology are brightly 4 seasonal lilies, tulip Phalaenopsis orchid, multi- valve, buffalo belt ....;
The Farm Safety 4 seasonal vegetables are fresh fruits and vegetables. To Moc Chau is to the tourist paradise of agriculture with the experience of the fruit harvested, processed and enjoy at the garden.


12 ethnic groups live on the plateau clustered create diversity, rich in lifestyles, activities and festivities.
Independence Tet also called Moc Chau love market is held on 2-9 occasions annually, attracting the participation of local Hmong and Hmong people around at home and abroad to gatecrash. By the opportunity, someone go with old friends, make new friends have people, they together sing, together revel in lyrics, dance, participate in traditional folk games, and several day appointments later this year will also see ...
Hmong New Year's tradition takes place before Lunar New Year of the Kinh people about 1 month. The festival was organized to live in the spring of each year. Uniquely in the way Tet holidays, festival playful and colorful. 

Cam nang du lich Moc Chau, diem nhan vung Tay Bac-hinh-anh-4
In March every year, Ang Village, Dong Sang Commune usually organized Het Cha festivals. Compatriots will reenact the stories about the drawing, traditional education drinking water source memory
In March every year, Ang Village, Dong Sang Commune usually organized Het Cha festivals. Compatriots will reenact the stories about the drawing, traditional education drinking water source memory. The games are taking place through the lyrics and took part in nature playful, humorous in pulsating drum gongs. After the performance was spread solidarity within the bustling, exciting around a palm tree.
Coming Het Cha festival, the guests are happy to attend the traditional game: throwing, jumping tha cumbersome; Free to enjoy the unique cuisine, attractive from the tray by the Thai resourceful woman, resourceful processing.
Every year themselves on October 15, Moc Chau to playful with a unique contest in the country - Miss dairy. The contest is a festival tribute to the cows has a good body, good milk yield, days honoring family dairy solid.


Go to Moc Chau, veal dish perturbed any visitor will want to indulge in it. Food is made from the milk of about 1 week old calves so tender, fragrant and very sweet. Matchbox-sized meat and sliced marinated with ginger, lemon grass, garlic, chili hot fat then perturbed over 2 times. Meat-eating cockroaches yellow wing day, sweet but not fed up.
Cam nang du lich Moc Chau, diem nhan vung Tay Bac-hinh-anh-5
Go to Moc Chau, calves perturbed dish any visitor will want to indulge in it.
Hmong have the typical dishes: Thang Co, thick cake, winecorn, pork mezzanine. The Dao have sour meat, wine roe deer …
Especially, with deft hands and feats, the Thai ethnic woman has cleverly combined the ingredients of the mountains, rivers and streams with typical spices: Mac Khen, Hat Doi for processing should hundreds of unique dishes: rice, as distant love, grilled fish, chicken grease, mannequin wild vegetables, Ban flower, Greek buffalo, Nam Pia ...

Community tourism village:

Ang Village 1,2,3 of Thai people located next to pine forest, preserving many unique culture, 3km from the town of Moc Chau.
Cam nang du lich Moc Chau, diem nhan vung Tay Bac-hinh-anh-6
Ang village - maintained many unique culture

Ta Phenh village, Phieng Canh (Tan Lap commune, Moc Chau district) Long Luong village (Long Luong,  Van Ho district), Hua Tạt village (Van Ho commune, Van Ho district) the Hmong are still maintained many unique culture.

Doi village, Tan Lap Commune, Moc Chau District far from the town of Moc Chau farm near 30km

and Hua Tat village are two Village homestay standard serving foreign tourists.

Na Bai village of Muong people, Phu Mau village of Thai people( Chieng Yen commune, Van Ho district)  is far Moc Chau  about 45 km wards Moc Chau - Ha Noi.

With the advantages and inherent potential, Moc Chau was the Prime Minister signed Decision No. 2050 / QD-TTg approving "master plan development of Moc Chau national tourist zone to 2020 and vision to year 2030 ". In the near future, certainly Moc Chau will become a tourist center - the jewel of the Northwest.

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