4 experiences must try while in Moc Chau

Thursday - 15/09/2016 22:32

4 experiences must try while in Moc Chau

To travelling Moc Chau in this season, with 4 pleasures can not miss. Do you know and want to try?
1.  Sleeping on stilts

           - Moc Chau has 12 ethnic groups live together, each ethnic group has its own identity, but people still each transmission that Meo eatting, Thai sleeping... (dish of the Hmong, sleeping on stilts’s Thai). So to Moc Chau, try looking on on stilts sleeping villages to learn the identity. There are few places can try this feeling:

            - Doi village, Hoa village: in Tan Lap Commune, the center of about 27km from Moc Chau Farm town, along the road into the forest will be watching the green plums. In can find rustic stilt houses close together. People here are not much service business, Doi village Homestay and Hoa village homestay are stilts being modified to serve guests with relatively good quality.

            -  Ang village: Thai people ave lived here about 600 years, because of wide village divided into, Ang village 1, Ang village 2, Ang village 3. Deeper we go into the more rustic setting, casual with traditional stilt houses. Can ask people to try a night shelter is strictly traditional style or choice of stilt houses near Ang village pine forest is refreshing to serve tourists. Many houses have been renovated according to the traditional style, but equipment utensils have hotel standards most comfortable tourists.

Price for a sleeping night from 50 – 80k

2. Picking fruit

          Moc Chau Plateau have ideal weather for fruit trees and crops grow. Nearly any season also delicious fruit. With autumn the avocado, crunchy persimmon, with summer as plums, apricots, peaches. 

            Summer is the time of Moc Chau entered the harvest season, plums, apricots, peaches ripening. To Moc Chau, can look to the orchard to enjoy the fruits ripening on the tree, to try to feel worn baskets, climbing trees or poked with the stick to the high branches that collect fruits.

         Feel picking fruit down, use lap to wipe over for cleaning then chewed quickly see the taste of slightly sour peaches, crisp, aromatic plum red ... it anywhere charm. Eat on the spot fresh fruit is always the best.

         Where many plums, peaches is most Co Do  subregional areas, Na Ka village. In particular, mid-May at Ka Na takes place picking fruit festival, where visitors can take part in the plum picking, eating plums and many other fun activities.
mộc châu hái mận

3. Food specialties

         To Moc Chau, a number of delicacies to enjoy once the calves chao, spring fish, salmon, goat, buffalo meat, dishes although Northwest identity, is processed individually,with some specific spices, and many dishes can not be in plain: buffalo skin salad, Pia ...
         In April, the rainy season, if conditions on the time and want to have more memorable experience, visitors can also look to enjoy Suoi Bang stock snail, Or about Chiang Yen try dishes springs snail. These are all kinds of regional specialties snail with attractive flavor.

        Also started hot sun, a cool cup of yogurt or a cup of yogurt sticky sweet taste made from fresh cow's milk can dispel the hot summer and to quickly recharge.

cá suối mộc châu

4. Shopping

            To Moc Chau, to purchase local products as a gift as well as a pleasure not to be missed.

            Two typical gift Moc Chau Plateau's impossible not to their relatives to buy tea and milk. There are many types of tea, but can be divided into two lines for easy selection: Oolong tea is sweet, fragrant, green water; Shan Tuyet tea, or bowl first taste bitter, tart but sweet post; with milk, in addition to fresh milk can choose to buy milk cakes, candy, yogurt ....

         Herbs, herbal as jiaogulan, class ginseng, lingzhi, sweet grass, wild apple, apricot ... help improve health, disease prevention and treatment is also as appropriate choice to buy as a gift relatives.

         These commodities are displayed for sale at many stores along the way. But a number of shopping venues product variety, richness and quality are: the restaurant 181, 64, 70, specialty stores Moc Chau Farm, supermarket Hung Anh ...

Source: Management Board of Moc Chau National Tourism Zone

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