Moc Chau, summer delicious gifts

Friday - 17/07/2015 05:47
July, August Moc Chau cool and have plenty of delicious gift you should enjoy.
Moc Chau avocado is known past few years, because avocado Moc Chau is sticky avocado, avocado pomades, greasy, less fiber. To Moc Chau, people rarely use avocado smoothies, how to eat the most popular is avocado mixed sugar, or avocado mixed beam crushed yogurt, condensed milk. Add a little ice or refrigerated for a few hours, eat cool and extremely sweet.

Moc Chau avocado usually flowers from approximately November to July each year and shall be collected. There are many types, but often the avocado-shaped bulb is the most delicious, fruit avocado often not immediately rolled by and cheaper.

Avocado is often sold at markets Moc Chau town, Moc Chau farm towns and peach garden T- Junction area (located on Highway 6). If there are no conditions to Moc Chau, can buy online on website:

According to several studies, avocado contains more than 14 vitamins and minerals; Avocado contains the highest protein content than other fruits, high almost comparable with milk
However, here again is a fruit rich in antioxidants, anti-cancer, stroke, heart healthy help ...
Avocado also has skin beautifying effects, provides absorbable nutrients for children.

Mac Cop fruit
Mac cop in Thai language, translation universal means forest pear. Eat fruits like pears, but has light brown bark sapodilla same bark, large fruit bowl with distilled water, while some kinds of oral juice to close. Moc Chau also planted and harvested Mac cop few years, but not many, but safety than fruits other unidentified, because plants grow quite naturally, no spraying, stimulants, ripe fruit without preservatives and still be quite long.
Mac cop seems harder than ordinary pear, with mild aroma, darker sweets.


Cat apple

Most were taken from the high mountains of Muong La, Phu Yen and Yen Bai on, in July is still relatively immature fruit, green, suitable for those who like to eat sour. The simplest is to chop the peppers with salt, but then slightly bitter and difficult to eat. Sophisticated and easy to eat more, local people often mix the ginger, garlic, coriander leaves, sugar and fish sauce into a sauce in enough are then chopped apples, cats, old bean to put together.

To August, more sweet apple turns dark yellow, dissipated also, but still play bitter. Often, people used to soak the wine, vinegar, soaking syrup. If no conditional purchase fresh apple, cat apple can buy already sliced roast of wine.

Cat apple can be purchased at the restaurant, shop Moc Chau speciality Along Highway 6


According to traditional medicine, cat apple is a fruit-flavored slightly sour, sweet - enhances digestion, helps to increase gastric secretion of gastric pepsin and bile acid excretion capabilities. Used a lot in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders case by eating too much grease, children drink milk indigestion. Vivo experiment also showed that the extract of cat Apples also have direct inhibitory effect of E. coli, diphtheria, typhoid, dysentery, ...



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