Construction of Moc Chau National Tourism Zone to be ideal destination

Thursday - 09/07/2015 04:13

Construction of Moc Chau National Tourism Zone to be ideal destination

Planning of Moc Chau National Tourism zone Approved as an important basis for introduction of Son La province, promotion potential, investment opportunities in Moc Chau to investors at home and abroad.
Mộc Châu, thiên đường hoa

On 12-11-2014, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 2050 / QD-TTg approving the "master plan for development of National Tourism zone of Moc Chau to 2020 and vision to 2030". As planned, the national tourism zone Moc Chau has a total area of 206 150 ha of natural is located in Moc Chau District and Van Ho, become regional development dynamics of local tourism and tourist area Midlands Northern mountainous system with diverse tourism product, unique, branded and high competitiveness associated with the natural landscape and the cultural identity of peoples.

The goal is that by 2020, tourist resort received over 1.2 million visitors, and 2030 received about 3 million visitors, including foreign tourists reached 50 thousand; strive revenues from tourists reached about 1,500 billion in 2020 and approximately 6,000 billion in 2030. National Tourist Moc Chau will prioritize developing tourist market from the Red River delta province and the mountainous region of Tonkin; focus on developing and strengthening customer market share from the traditional target markets: Western Europe, North America, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia ... Simultaneously, the development of attractive tourism products, with high competitiveness; focusing on improving product quality travel services, accommodation, catering, entertainment; focusing on developing the main products: Tourist resort and nursing treatment; ecotourism linked to agriculture; sightseeing tours historic cultural landscapes; Special attention in the form of tourism homestay (homestay) ...

In the future of National Tourism zone of Moc Chau will form three key tourist center include: Moc Chau Resort center, Moc Chau ecotourism center and Moc Chau entertainment center; the formation of community-based tourism including Ang Village (Dong Sang), Vat village (Muong Sang), Ta Phinh (Tan Lap), the Muong Khoa (Chieng Khoa commune of Van Ho district) .. . Along with attracting investors to develop resorts and important tourist attractions, as well as gradually establishing transnational tourism route Moc Chau - Laos through Sap border gate and connect to expand into the ASEAN countries such as Thailand, Myanmar ...

For Moc Chau national tourism zone beautiful forever and become an attractive tourist destination for tourists from everywhere, Son La province determined to improve the investment environment and innovation investment promotion activities is one of the key tasks, breakthrough and critical in the current stage. The provincial-level branches from the base of the two districts of Moc Chau and Van Ho has been promoting implementation of solutions for planning, administrative reforms, upgrading the infrastructure system ... to facilitate most favorable conditions for domestic and foreign businesses investing, trading in the locality.

Over the years, in addition to the implementation of policies and investment incentives under the current regulations of the State, Son La has issued a number of policies to support investment in the potential field strengths of provinces such as: Policies to encourage the development of cattle breeding; policies to encourage enterprises and cooperatives development investment in agriculture, rural areas in the province ...

Implementing Decision No. 2050 of the Prime Minister, Son La are building specific policies developed nations resort to Moc Chau to the Prime Minister for approval. In particular, in addition to proposed incentives for the sector to encourage investment in particular, suggests that the government consider some specific policies on investment in key projects of Moc Chau Tourism Zone.

With the attention of the Government and the efforts of sectoral functions Son La province in the near future Moc Chau national tourism zone would be always ideal destination of local and foreign tourists.

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