Bustling independent Tet on Moc Chau Plateau

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Bustling independent Tet on Moc Chau Plateau

In recent years, the National Day 2/9 has become the largest festival for them. Therefore, in these days, Moc Chau Plateau as put on Colorful new suits of each line of people flock here, independent Tet atmosphere is very lively and bustling.
For the Hmong on Moc Chau Plateau (Son La), in a year with two most important holidays for them, it's traditional New Year and independent Tet 2/9.

In recent years, the National Day 2/9 has become the largest festival for them. Therefore, in these days, Moc Chau Plateau as put on Colorful new suits of each line of people flock here, independent Tet atmosphere is very lively and bustling.

According to the words of the elderly Hmong from the date of Uncle Ho read the Declaration of Independence the birth of the country the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (02/09/1945), the Hmong were very respectful and it as independent Tet of their ethnic.

Every year, on the occasion of 2/9, all Hmong people regardless of age, boy and girl, wealth from remote villages in the district near the eagerly invite each other to fun on New Year district center to show their independence gratitude Party and Uncle Ho, the Government has brought independence and freedom for people in the country in general and in particular the Hmong people.
Despite fierce during the war or when the country was peaceful, despite being seasonal or year life more difficult, confidence of Hmong to the Party and President Ho Chi Minh, the Government never change.

New Year's Hmong independent Moc Chau district annual generally ranges from 31/8 to 2/9 day, but the most crowded as 1/9.
To reach the festival, Hmong people to be prepared from the previous day, they choose the most beautiful costumes, the most brilliant.

Costumes Hmong here divided into lines like Hmong Do (white), Hmong Du (black), Hmong Si (red), Hmong commands (flower), Hmong Sua (HMong Man) ...
Along with the color red flags celebrating National Day 2/9, the garish dress color blending into each other like a flower forest has formed a unique picture.

Featured in the line of people flock to the point of playing and organizing cultural activities and sports are the young men and women and the Hmong family with typical costumes.

Mr Hang A Chu, in subregional Pa Khen (Moc Chau farm town of Moc Chau district, Son La province), excited, said today his family farm work aside to down town center district early on. Both members who also prepare yourself the best clothes, his family today downtown district not to buy, sell goods that simply being together joined the jubilant colorful dresses, joyful Independence Tet 2/9.

Not only Hmong ethnic or other, Independence Tet is also an opportunity for local and foreign tourists to Moc Chau and mix with vibrant atmosphere, fun here. Come Moc Chau in these days, visitors will experience and feel the culture colorful of ethnic compatriots.

Ms. Tran Linh Chi, visitors come from Hanoi sharing, despite many visits to Moc Chau, but who was very impressed by the nature and the people here. After days of work in oppressive city, here you can feel relaxed, fun. Especially during 2/9 atmosphere is more vibrant here than by the day of Assembly ethnic compatriots.

Not only the unique culture, come Moc Chau This season is very fresh atmosphere, cool convenient to visit and explore the tea hills, beautiful waterfalls here.

In recent years, for independent Tet more lively, Moc Chau district has organized many activities to promote tourism and attract tourists from everywhere as collaboration with the travel center open tour to the sights populations Monument Uncle Ho visiting officials, soldiers and people in the Moc Chau farm town;Tay Tien epitaph soldiers, Moc Lỵ Station, cave bats, Dai Yem Waterfall ...
Tourists come here not only to admire the beauty of ethnic in traditional costumes, but also to participate and learn many special cultural activities. In addition, many traditional games were held, attracting the participation of a large number of such as pounding rice cake contest, cooking contest, came longer, walking on stilts, push sticks, Tu Lu beat, Pao threw, dragons brooding game ...

Mr. Tran Xuan Vietnam, Head of Culture and Information Moc Chau District said that Independence Tet this year, will hold a cultural festival of ethnic Moc Chau district from 31/8 until 2/9 days with a rich variety of activities. Among them, notably the community cultural activities street with folksong performances, People dance, ethnic musical recital of Moc Chau ethnics.

Additionally, artists, actors will be performing arts at some points on Highway 6, the inner road of Moc Chau district and invite guests to participate.

In particular, visitors will admire the image of ethnic Hmong woman to take her husband away on a horse driven highway, urban roads and regional organizations festivals activities.

Additionally, visitors will be immersed in the space of camp culture, community culture, food culture characterized by ethnic Moc Chau, or stroll around the exhibition area, introduce and sell products agriculture, handicrafts, cuisine, costumes, working tools manufacturing ...

Over time, the culture is still beautiful cousin H'Mong ethnic people in Moc Chau district in Son La province in particular and the northwest which generally upheld.

This is also how H'Mong people teach morals to their children to drink water, remember its source, create beliefs a lap under the Party, Uncle Ho. /.

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