Mysterious Power in women's silver jewelry green Hmong

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Like other Mong ethnic woman, green Hmong woman silver jewelry to beauty, expressing the richness of each person and their lineage. At the same time the silver jewelry on the dress also represents the message of the culture of ethnic group.
Green Hmong live in scattered in the North West province as Son La, Dien Bien, Lai Chau, Yen Bai.
 Like other Mong ethnic woman, woman wearing green Hmong silver jewelry to beauty, showing the richness of each person and their lineage.


Silver jewelry shield in parts belly green Hmong woman. 

Behind the nape on costumes woman Hmong  there are often fringed connected with the silver white.
Depending on the relative wealth of the family that the dollar is tied more or less go but must comply regulations 5 - 10 - 15 or 20 copper

Costume jewelry on a woman's green Hmong attached a lot of white and silver symbolizing wealth.

Ministry chain Silver jewelry Hmong's green same bearing motifs symbolizing the Sun god.

Waist band ring on green Hmong costumes are attached to silver fringed very picky.
At the same time the silver jewelry on the dress also represents the message of the culture of ethnic group.
Women's silver jewelry green Hmong include necklaces, bracelets and decorative floral motifs on dresses carved from white very sophisticated and unique.

Slabs jewelry silver shield green Hmong chest strap with motifs symbolizing the sun god. In the opinion of Hmong green,
Spirit's solar power deity supreme, giving light and life on earth.

Necklace of green Mong women have two kinds. A touch type style circular from 45-55cm circumference.
This type family necklace used as a dowry for his daughter married.
Usually they wear about eight this kind necklace to adorn their costumes.
Besides also has necklace to fight demons, this kind of necklace three silver wire including chains, fringed “tong teng” in many shapes tied together.
With this type of ring, in between necessarily circular silver pieces carved motifs symbolizing the sun god.
According to the concept of green H'Mong people, the sun god was the god with the ultimate power in the spiritual life, giving life and light to the human world.
Green Mong women embrace silver touches often with different shapes to decorate more unique costume. 

Wrist on costumes green Hmong often attaching a lot of silver fringed. The silver fringed will impact the sound in the process of moving.
The origin of the silver fringed sound is so easily recognizable green Hmong time together in the forest or on the refuge.

These motifs are carved in the arms of green Mong women usually birds, flowers and trees, attached to life to slash their daily livelihood.

On the lines of H'Mong people silver jewelry often looks like green fish, flowers, blank, shield.
The objects are very close and familiar in the life of H'Mong people green

Besides the jewelry sets necklace, bracelet, green Hmong woman still tied up dresses jewelry are round, lozenge for the wrong side chains to adorn the traditional costumes of them more distinctive.

On the waist belt of green Hmong woman lot fringed tied silver and coins to emit sound merrily in the migration process

Specifically, in the tied up jewelry dresses Green Hmong woman has a lot of silver.

The silver coins are often the currency used in the French colonial period.

From time immemorial, green Hmong notion that fitted the dress look more dollar, I know that the children of noble families, wealthy.

Today, Hmong Green also uses aluminum, alloy to make extra fancy jewelry and unique.

On holidays, the New Year, the girls usually wear green Hmong costume jewelry outfit to go out make fancy colors, differences in Hmong communities in the Northwest.

Green Hmong woman with silver jewelry picky performances of traditional dances in the happy occasion of the village


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