Things to keep in mind when visiting a house of Thai people

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Things to keep in mind when visiting a house of Thai people

Famed for their hospitality but also ethnic Thai have certain rules in eating, sleeping, talking that you need to know when to Northwest.Thai people in Vietnam was divided into three main groups are the Black, White and Red Thai. Differentiation is under colored scarf wrapped the Thai woman on the head. This nation has a population of No. 3 in Vietnam, living mainly in the mountainous northwestern province. If you visit a Thai family, there are some things you need to know.

1. Obtain the permission

Visit village’s Thai people or any village, Ethnic any village the first thing you should do is ask the head of village. It is the head of the village, this work show your respect, and security in village and for yourself.

2. Thai people’s  House

Identifying characteristic Thai people house is built on stilts, high above the ground as two to three meters. Thai people ancient building day high for the purpose of avoiding evil beasts and domestic animals keeping. All activities of family activities are taking place at the top, especially at night when no one was ground for predators hunt very dangerous. (Even the family to build a bridge from house to house).

3. Up the house

Before go up the house, you have to stand downstairs previous call, ask if there is anybody home. Partly awaiting permission from the landlord, if arbitrary partially boarded you will easy bitten by dogs. For Thai people, dog bites that is will encounter bad luck for three years.

Before walking up the stairs you should see their landlord to footwear where it yourself to be there. No arbitrary wear shoes, sandals up on house without permission or instruction from the landlord. And make sure you are not wearing shoes, sandals inside the house.

Thai houses are divided into two parts. High section is the place reserved for the landlord and the elderly. Visitors not to sit on part without permission. In the house there is worship space where the bride, the groom and guests could not enter. If in a Thai family, you should wait for instructions from the landlord, should not arbitrarily or sit at the kitchen table and chairs. Especially not sit up windows and dark rider sitting, sleeping only his legs nearby the ancestor altar.

4. Greeting, talking

Thai people greet just Kinh people. Offers from older people to younger people. When talking to a Thai person should not just hand in the face and when the landlord wants to show something that is not only legs.

5. When eating

When eating at a Thai family you need to pay attention: The parents sit upper, daughters, daughters and guests sit under. In tray of rice will have a plate of salt, chilli juxtaposed two cups of wine. Before eating and after finishing the meal must pour in two cups of wine to thank a few of ancestors, ancestors. Also offers before and after eating, Thais put two fingers on the scales last cup of wine and two side shoulder. Thai people notion sides played two guardian gods, lateral lateral to grandparents, ancestors bless byway luck and peace.

It is also very important, when to house Thais proper meals. Although you have no right to sit still on the tray of rice and cup of the wine with the landlord. When a landlord to barely kill chickens hospitality, sat beside tray of rice with two cup salt and chilli plate wait until the landlord done.

If the landlord has chicken guest must not be left on when not eating, Thais notion that is not respected. When not eating a bowl with chopsticks, type tray, finished not face drinking bowls, cups upside down. Thai people typically eat sticky rice. You can manually load and ball of rice to eat. Also, whenever shallow cup Thais usually shake hands to express emotions.

6. When sleeping

In the house of the Thai people have divided the private sleeping area for grandparents, parents, children and guests. You should not lie in bed arbitrary house without permission. Space should sleep together often sleep you should not bother to others in the house. Thai houses built close together, the evening after 10h should not play loud disorderly, affecting those around.

7. Ancient language

Thai people have their own ancient language. The centuries-old books, keeping the historical information, astronomical, songs, poetry, epic over time. If you'd once been witnessing the priceless cultural value, you need to find the next house in the village.

Thai people or any other nation, the most important thing is still respected landlord. Renowned Thai people hospitality, being a Thai family you you're a very lucky. /.




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