Hong Ha Motel is finding investors

Thursday - 28/05/2015 04:28

Hong Ha Motel is finding investors

The motel has a near 1ha beautiful land was leveling, looking for investors cooperate to develop services provide a stable income, long-term
Nhà nghỉ Hồng Hà tìm nhà đầu tư
Hong Ha Motel is finding investors
Hong Ha Motel, Moc Chau is located opposite Trade Union Hotel in the center of Nong Truong town, currently motel has a campus near 1ha including leveling land and some fruit trees hill. Around campus is large grasslands and the berries of people: pretty cool space, a nice view.
Currently, motels are looking for investment partners surface exploit has: prioritizing investment partner services: providing accommodation, fun for tourists.

For details, please contact: Mr Hong: 0972 343 544
Hong Ha motel  - subregional motels - Moc Chau Nong truong Town

(Nhà nghỉ Hồng Hà - http://honghamocchau.com/)
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