Moc Chau: special magnificent natural painting

Wednesday - 17/06/2015 21:56

Moc Chau: special magnificent natural painting

Moc Chau Plateau, Son La province has always welcomed visitors with colorful flower hill, green tea hills and enchanting people with the vast sky flower cauliflower ...
Located 120km from Son La City, with an average altitude of more than 1,000 meters over sea level, with 163 184 persons of the population (the average density of 79 people / km2) Moc Chau is the oldest living land of the many peoples brothers like Kinh, Thai, Muong, H'mong, Dao, Sinh Mun, Kho Mu ... This is also local economic growth higher in Son La Province (19.74% / year over the period 2005 - 2013), particularly advantageous development of production and processing of milk, tea, agricultural and forest products, forestry, trade and tourism ...

To Moc Chau in summer, cool climate, winding curves pass inside the soaring soft long stretch of road, along the road is the garden plum, peach garden, green tea hills, vast untouched sight. Green pine forest soaring immense mirth of four seasons in the wind, the high mountains, rolling valleys, waterfalls white foam ... all blended to create a special magnificent natural picture. In winter Moc Chau space covered with mist clouds looming middle of thousands, cold weather blowing for reform flowers, poinsettias, wild sunflowers and other wildflowers bloom racing, vitality as challenges, liver race with the weather creates a pristine beauty, beautiful between northwestern mountains. 

On 11/12/2014, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 2050 / QD-TTg approving the "Plan for development overall national tourism zone Moc Chau 2020, Vision 2030". Moc Chau is planned national tourism zone, with attractive destinations like: Ang village pine forest, Dai Yem waterfall, Long Sap border gate, On village Five Caves, Chieng Yen community tourist areas, eco-tourism zone Po Cop, Xuan Nha forest tourist area ...

Besides the natural gift incentives, Moc Chau is the land holds many cultural and historical sites like Moc Lỵ  Fort, Moc Chau district, Long Sap border gate Convenient connection Moc Chau with Sam Nua and beyond is Luang Prabang (Laos). All advantages created for trade and development of attractive tourism products of this land. 

Special magnificent natural landscape Moc Chau Plateau.

Animated nature paintings are artifacts from human hands.

Standing on a tea plantation, guests will feel the skin fresh cool air, to witness the mist floating on,
or the tea road running around the hill are arranged in rows like the green rice terraces stretching to endless ...

Moc Suong Tea Hill place of manufacture Oolong tea celebrated land of Moc Chau

Serene beauty, tinged pristine - Highlander features.

Moc Chau is where the highest concentration of tourism resources of Son La and the northwest region northern.

As land is rich in cultural identity with many ancient ethnic groups, linked to nature,
Moc Chau has strong potential in developing community-based tourism model.

The handicraft products imbued with cultural identity of Moc Chau will be interesting gift for relatives
and friends after each trip travelers.


Source: Le Toan - The Duong

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