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Dai Yem Waterfall ( Nang waterfall, Ban Vat Waterfall) of Muong Sang Commune, Moc Chau District, Son La Province. There are tenderness name such by looking from a distance, like a waterfall 'strip bibs' tepid connecting heaven and earth
Dai yem waterfall is one of the landscapes of Moc Chau. From the center of Moc Chau town, Son La to go down towards, until the junction goes Sap border gate and turn. From here, the road separated from Highway 6, about 5 km away is coming.

Entries Dai Yem waterfall
In order to trust, you have to walk through the thinned forests. Roads have been easier to go back, no longer have to crawl down stream scene as a few years ago. Out of small concrete road, heard the distant noisy waterfall. Down some stairs, after turning, the open space in front and from above the falls like silk down soft riverbed.

Dai Yem waterfall originated from 2 slot Bo Co Lam and Bo Ta Chau flowing from the cave in the first place Vat village, where the oldest history in this country when ethnic Thais who settled here. Water flowing from the mountain form Vat streams.about 5 km, the air in the flow of the stream Bo Sap Vietnam-Laos border Yen Chau land flowing forming spectacular waterfalls. Flap Strip name originates from the legend that ranges coveralls cascade of daughter rescues boy escape floodwaters.
Cool in the mountains.
Waterfall with a height about 100 meters, divided into two branches, one side has to 9 floors (like "nine steps of love" in the legend), a party of 5 floors, 2 waterfall are spaced about 200 m. The falls are not reliable and less water, like its name suggests, soft waterfall sparkling in the sun.

Hot summer midday, stopping the cool stream of Dai yem waterfall, very interesting. Many young people in the region and elsewhere looking to tour waterfall. They bring food, find a cool place under shade trees, picnic fun.

Dai Yem Waterfall The most beautiful in April to October each year, by this time much water volume, the entire width of 70m is a screen waterfall of white water, both mighty and poetic.
Gentle waterfall.

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