Moc Chau prepare organizations Festival of Moc Chau Ethnic Culture in 2015

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Moc Chau prepare organizations Festival of Moc Chau Ethnic Culture in 2015

Has become an annual activity, Festival of Ethnic Culture Moc Chau district in 2015 will continue to be held from 28 to 09.02.2015. At this point, People's Committee of Moc Chau District has issued formal Plan 1042 / Plan –People’s Committee dated 27.07.2015 on organizing cultural festival of of ethnic in 2015 and implemented many activities to prepare equipment for the festival.
Mộc Châu chuẩn bị tổ chức Ngày hội Văn hóa các dân tộc Mộc Châu năm 2015
Moc Chau prepare organizations Festival of Moc Chau Ethnic Culture in 2015 
Festival of ethnic culture Moc Chau district in 2015 will include the main activities: Sports of ethnic, folk games (competition pushed sticks, beat tu lu, dragons hatching, animal sticks, hit oats, ...); Community Activity street culture; Examination cultural camp, cultural community Moc Chau ethnic groups; Culinary competitions ethnic groups Moc Chau (rice cake pounding contest, cooking contest, presenting, introducing of ethnic cuisine); Shows Het Cha Festival. Gallery, exhibition of cultural identity ethnic groups Moc Chau; Trade fairs; Moc Chau Tourism Flower Festival; Cultural activities, sports and tourism in the region Long Sap border gate; 1/9 night art show, fireworks celebrate 70 years of the August Revolution and National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

New point in the activities at Festival of ethnic culture Moc Chau district in 2015: Competition compose logos (logo) Moc Chau, Moc Chau Tourism gift, Moc Chau beautiful photos past and present; Guests are directly involved in cultural activities, arts, sports and participation Street community activities, archery contest, launching also, participants fanned Round era themed "Moc Chau Impression" takes place immediately after 1/9 nights art program.

Currently, organs and units, the CPCs, the town is continuing to implement the preparatory work for ensuring Festival schedule, time regulations, which focuses propaganda, promotion, gentrification, renovation, upgrading, cleaning up at heritage sites, manage service pricing ... 

1. Cultural Activities

1.1. Arts program Night September First

- Content:
+ Organization arts programs introduce land, people and culture of ethnic Moc Chau district (with its own scenario).
+ Organization within fanned theme "Impressive Moc Chau" (immediately after art program).
+ Organization of fireworks welcome 70 years of the August Revolution and National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

- Time and place:
+ Time: From 21h pm to 23h30 on September First 2015.

+ Location: Stadium Moc Chau district.

- Implementation: The ceremony is chaired by the DPC, the art program by the Center of Culture - Sports district perform.

1.2. Community cultural activities streets (with its own detailed scenario).

- Content: folk songs performances,

People dance, recital national instrument of ethnic Kinh, Thai, Muong, H'mong, Dao Moc Chau district.

- Form: Artists, actors performing arts at some point on Highway 6, the inner road of Moc Chau district (which has invited delegates, guests and participants); Images reproduced Mong woman led horse, carrying her husband go on the Highway, urban roads area organization of festival activities.

- Forces involved: Actor Kinh ethnic (Moc Chau town) 30 actors; Thai ethnic (Na Bo village, Muong Sang commune) 40 actors; Mong ethnic (Pa Khen I village, Pa Khen III village, Moc Chau Farm Town) 50 actors; Muong ethnic (Bo Bun village, Moc Chau Farm Town) 30 actors; Dao ethnic ( Phieng Sang village, Phieng Luong Commune) 40 actors.

- Time performances: In the moring from 8 - 10 h30 ' In the afternoon from 14h - 17h, dated September First 2015.

- Location at: State parks of sub-area 3, Moc Chau town; Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development district, District Cultural yard, District Stadium; 9 subregional flower garden, Moc Chau town.

- Implementation: Cultural Centre - Sports district is chaired.

1.3. Culture Camp, Moc Chau ethnic communities cultural (Having separate plans).

- Content: Gallery Decorative cultural camps, introduce and sell agricultural products, handicrafts, cuisine, costumes, working tools of production; Spread dance competition at the culture camp.

- Forms: recommending organizations 15 unique cultural camp for ethnic Moc Chau.

- Forces involved including 15 communes and towns in the district.

- Time: From 8am on August 31, 2015 until September Second 2015 (grading camp culture, the cultural community: 14h on September First 2015).

- Location: The District Stadium.

- Implementing Agency: Center for Culture - Sports; CPCs, town

1.4. Culinary competitions ethnic Moc Chau

* Execution thick cake pounding (characteristic of Mong ethnic)

- Content and form: Organizations competition pounding rice cake between teams of Chieng Hac, Tan Lap Sap, Chieng Khua, Moc Chau Farm Town (encouraging introduction to how the cake pounding and sells products)

- Time in the morning September First 2015.

- Location: District Stadium

* Exam cooking; presentation, introduced ethnic cuisine

- Content:

+ Cooking exam: The cooking teams must perform four main points: Get the fire by rubbing forms of natural materials (no use lighters, matches, or charcoal ...); Statistics kitchen, cooking (self pounding rice, not available to cook rice); chicken (to boil water and surgery chicken on site), food processing; presentation tray.

+ Presentations and introducing ethnic cuisine: Each team prepared a tray of rice, including unique ethnic cuisine and attractive, brings its own characteristics of his ethnicity (including newly dishes processing of rice cooking contest). The food must be processed, a harmonious combination of foods from animal, plant, ensure delicious, quality, safe and beautiful presentation (which can combine with all kinds of flowers and fruit to present and create attractive, beautiful).

- Forms: Organizations competition between the villages of Dong Sang, sub-areas (04 villages), Muong Sang (03 villages), the town of Moc Chau Farm (01 sub-zones). The sending of copies, sub - area competed by the communes and towns choose.

-  Time: 10 am September First 2015..
- Location: District Stadium

1.5. Shows Het Cha Festival

- ContentOrganizations End Festival Cha performances combined with cultural activities, sports, ethnic, folk games.

- Time: From August 31, 2015 To September 1, 2015.

- Location:  Forest Lake, Ang village, Dong Sang commune.                                                        

- Implementation: Dong Sang CPC.

1.6. Gallery, the exhibition of the cultural identity of ethnic Moc Chau

- Content: Gallery exhibit of artifacts (furniture, supplies, labor and production tools, musical instruments, costumes ...), introduced the typical cultural features of the peoples of Moc Chau district.

- Forms: Organizing exhibition spaces, cultural exhibition Moc Chau ethnic groups.

- Time and venue: From August 31, 2015 To September 2, 2015  in the House of Culture District.

- Sponsoring agency: Department of Culture and Information.

- Implementing agency:

The Centre of Culture - Sports: The coordinating preparation artifacts cultural characteristics of ethnic groups.

+ Committee of Moc Chau Farm Town: Responsible for preparing the artifacts featured Muong ethnic culture.

+ CPC Tan Tap: Responsible for preparing the exhibit cultural characteristics of ethnic Hmong.

+ CPC Muong Sang: Responsible for preparing the artifacts featured Thai ethnic culture.

+ Phieng Luong Commune People's Committee: Responsible for preparing the artifacts featured Dao ethnic culture.

2. Ethnic Sports activities, folk game (to have rule separately)

2.1. Tug, push sticks, beat tu lu (for teams)

- Time: From August 31, 2015 To September 1, 2015

- Location: The District Stadium

- Participants: Athletes communes and towns.

- Hosted agent: Center for Culture - Sports districts.

- Participation: The communes and towns in the district.

2.2. Archery Exam (the competition for tourists)

- Content: Organization for guests to experience the ethnic sports (archery), has awarded the points.

- Forms: The organizers prepare bows, crossbows, mentor, support up crossbows; Guests buy bows, crossbows used of the organizers involved archery competition, if the high point will be awarded.

- Time and venue: From August 31, 2015 To September 1, 2015, at District Stadium.

- Objects tha Sale: All residents and visitors are able to participate.

- Hosted agent: Center for Culture - Sports districts.

2.3. Folk games (Having Rule separately)

* Throw Con (for visitors)

- Content and form: The organizers also prepared column, also results; tourists buy tickets, take the test; each traveler came up to no more than 03 fruit still, if the winning round will also be awarded.

- Target participants: All residents and visitors are able to participate.

- Time: September 1, 2015.

- Location: At the district stadium.

- Hosted agent: Center for Culture - Sports districts.

* Game Dragon hatching eggs, sticks wrestling, throwing Pao, Hit Yen

- The content, form: Organisation contest between Tan Lap commune with Chieng Hac commune and Moc Chau Farm Town.

- Time: September 1, 2015.

- Location: The District Stadium.

- Unit responsible: Centre for Culture - Sports districts.

* Exam To ma le, walking on stilts soccer

- The content, form Organizations implementation To ma le and walking on stilts between 02 commune Muong Sang and Dong Sang.

- Target participants: The publication, subregional under 02 communes and Muong Sang Sang Dong (selected by the CPC).

- Time: September 1, 2015 afternoon.

- Location: At the district the House of Culture.

- Unit responsible: Centre for Culture – Sports

3. Tourist activities, trade

3.1. Organizations composed Contest logo (logo) Moc Chau; Moc Chau Tourism gifts; Moc Chau beautiful photos past and present.

(Follow the Plan No 892 / KH-Committee of the DPC 01/7/205 days of the contest logo composed of Moc Chau, Moc Chau Tourism gift, Moc Chau beautiful photos past and present)

3.2.Organisation of flowers - Moc Chau Tourism

- Content:

+ Gallery, introduce and sell agricultural products, vegetables, flowers and high quality of Moc Chau, including tea, milk, plums defender, vegetables, high-quality flowers; organized sightseeing of the garden vegetables, flowers and farm models in Moc Chau district.

+ Organization exhibited, beautiful photo exhibition Moc Chau past and present.

- Form: Organizing space flower - Moc Chau Tourism (including booth, introduce and sell products flower, tourism, agriculture and the beautiful photos booth Moc Chau with the works choose from a competition to design the logo of Moc Chau, performance, travel gifts Moc Chau and Moc Chau beautiful photo competition then and now).

- Time and venue: From August 31, 2015 To September 1, 2015 at the House of Culture in Moc Chau district.

- Implementation: Department of Culture and Information, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in collaboration with the Peasants

District Agriculture Extension Station, Literature and Art Association and district organizations, individuals, companies, businesses make.

3.3. Trade Fair

- Content: Spatial organization serving the needs fair exchange, purchase and sale of goods, handicraft products, agriculture.

- Time: From August 28, 2015 to end on September 05, 2015

- Location: In the old 224 area, sub-area 8, the town of Moc Chau.

- Organizational Unit: JSC Event and global fair Hanoi.

3.4. Organizing travel sightseeing tours

- Content: Organization of travel sightseeing tours to the ruins, scenic, tourist attractions, including:

+ Visit meadows, farms, milk production lines of JSC Moc Chau Dairy Cattle Breeding.

+ Visiting a tea plantation, line, process of tea production companies, enterprises tea in their localities (especially in Moc Chau Tea Company Ltd, Vietnam LIGARDEN, private enterprise tea mildew: organizing exhibition booth, selling, introducing products at a tea plantation tea sightseeing , travel).

+ Visit the horticultural model of clean, high-quality florists in the high-tech agricultural zones (in Bo Bun subregional, Farm Town, Bua village, Ang village, Dong Sang commune)

+ Visit the historic and cultural: Bat Cave, Bia Tay Tien, Moc Ly Station; monument where Uncle Ho visited and talked with officers and soldiers, Moc Chau farm workers, in 77 sub-region, the town of Moc Chau Farm; Epitaph memorial volunteers Regiment 83 Vietnam - Laos at the Ang 1, Dong Sang; Flap Strip Falls; Institute pagodas (Vat Hong pagoda), in Vat village, Muong Sang commune.

- Time: From August 28, 2015 to September 2, 2015.

 - Organizational Unit Management Board Monuments - District Landmarks collaboration with business enterprises and travel service companies, business tourism resources in the localities.

3.5. Organizing cultural activities, sports and tourism in the region Sap border gate

- Content: Organization of cultural exchanges, sporting celebrate National Day 2/9 and friendly cooperative relations Vietnam - Laos

- Time: 02/9/2015.

- Location: At Long Sap border gate area.

- Organizational Unit: CPC Sap collaboration with Border Station 469 and the Customs Branch Sap border gate implementation.

Source: People’s Committee of Moc Chau District

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