Moc Chau district prepare organizations Festival picking fruit The Second – 2015.

Friday - 22/05/2015 11:35

Moc Chau district prepare organizations Festival picking fruit The Second – 2015.

Moc Chau district prepare organizations Festival picking fruit the second – 2015. In order to further promote the development of tourism activities, agriculture, construction of new tourist products attractive, propaganda, promotion, investment attraction and build image, create focal points to attract tourists to Moc Chau, Moc Chau DPC are rushing to prepare the conditions in order to organize picking fruit festival Moc Chau district in 2015 with the theme” Moc Chau Plum”

Festival picking fruit Moc Chau District the Second – 2015 will be held among 08 major activities: Exam picking fruit; introducing competition  and reseach knowledge about Moc Chau plums; the ethnic sports activities, folk game; competition camping; activities on display, exhibition, introducing plums; to organize honoring Typical plum growers; sightseeing activities and service picking fruit.

Come to the festival, visitors will certainly have interesting experience to be involved in activities 01 plum vast valley (over 100 hectares), be sightseeing, promenades under the canopy of trees to enjoy cool fresh air and enjoy the clusters of red plum still coated white chalk (it's free), if travelers need to be self-picking and buying plums or prunes processed products such as plum jam, plum juice, salted dry plum, plum wine, plum syrup, ... as a gift for a loved one. Additionally, Festival also takes place at the national sports activities, folk games, special guests will be directly involved exams archery (sport attractive, unique, ethnic minorities of the North West) and have the opportunity to receive attractive prizes from organizers if won high marks. The harmonious combination between competitions, cultural performances, folk games promises to give guests new experiences and interesting.


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