Moc Chau, attractive destinations

Tuesday - 16/06/2015 22:12
People usually compare Moc Chau as Da Lat of the North by the similarities, though, Moc Chau also there are distinctions, differences created a niche for itself.
Mộc Châu, điểm đến hấp dẫn
Moc Chau, attractive destinations

Moc Chau is situated on a limestone plateau Northwest eastward south of Son La province, 180 km away from Hanoi along Highway 6, with an average altitude of over 1,000 meters above sea level, there is the natural area 2061 km2. Moc Chau is located in the tropical monsoon climate, high altitude lies between Da river and Ma River herefore Moc Chau climate year round cool, average air temperature / year 18.5 0C, with the low temperature so Moc Chau ideal destination for vacation tourism. Along with the natural landscape romantic, wide open spaces, cool climate, peaceful, convergence is the strength of natural landscapes: green pastures untouched, tea hills stretching class mix, valleys, flower field cauliflower, cauliflower gold, the hills serial pine forests rush along, the slopes brilliant flower apricot plum, peach, original, wild sunflowers, poinsettias, ... blended in a rich variety orderly culture of 12 ethnic groups. All mounts a panorama Moc Chau Tourism vitality, creating a unique impression, distinct, appealing.

To Moc Chau scenery each season brings a separate appeal beauty, enchanting and impressive. The mountainside, hillside flowers pale apricot, plum blossom, brilliant pink peach blossoms, Ban flower when spring. Be walked leisurely stretches the forest understory tree guests will feel like walking on floating clouds, immersed in the romantic setting, poetic and romantic. After picking up all of the "nourishment" of the the earth and sky are Spring rains sieve sieve,tea hills showing the illuminated green, glossy of the the young tea leaves vitality lush trees and grass, with over 3000 hectares of tea various kinds such as Shan Tuyet, Kim Tuyen, Japanese tea, oolong, inconvenience, ... Moc Chau is considered special landmarks the tea, because from the first kilometers welcome tourists footsteps are already stretched tea completely. Late autumn beginning of winter, visitors will come across the plains, valleys, vast pristine whiteness cauliflower winter welcome to the peaceful highlands. More dotted yellow wild sunflowers, blazing red poinsettia, again combined with the romantic mountain scenery, the vast grassland horizon make guests feel lost in dreamland. Here, every season, a sharp, Moc Chau is a year-round tourist destination, containing many interesting things for visitors to experience and explore.

Moc Chau, also known as the diversity of cultural identities with 12 different ethnic groups living together in the locality. Among them is the Thai majority: 33%, 18% Hmong, Kinh 15%, in addition to the Laotians, Chinese, Kho Mu, Dao, Tay ... Every nation has a special culture unique characteristic is formed from ancient culture with traditional values to create tourist attraction such as customs and habits.Traditional festivals; Treasure folklore (oral literature, architecture, costumes ...); Performing Arts (folk dances, folk games, musical instruments ...); Traditional crafts; Commodity and food culture. When visitors get to experience, learn, discover new well recognize the value beauty in traditional cultural treasure of the nation and will definitely leave an unforgettable impression in the tourists arriving with Moc Chau Plateau region.

Along with the development of the domestic tourism industry in general and the existing strengths, Moc Chau is increasingly more interested visitors, a new destination full of charm with a hint of natural, pristine, pure. The generosity of nature and put this land to become the "kingdom" of the fruit, such as peaches, plums defender, crunchy persimmon, strawberries, vegetables clean tech, assorted lilies, tulips, orchid, ...

And the advantages Agriculture that, Moc Chau is moving toward market farm tours, travel experiences associated with the discovery of the the population lives in the villages.

Source: Hai Duyen - Management Board of Moc Chau Tourism Zone

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