Summer is pleased picking Moc Chau avocado

Monday - 27/07/2015 04:39

Summer is pleased picking Moc Chau avocado

Hè vui hái bơ 1
Moc Chau avocado bloom from December last year until July next year fruit is ripe
Actually, harvest the trees will not be easy, even longtime workers sometimes only confirmed about 90% dangling avocados on the tree was ripe or not. avocado picked from not eating right, right to a shady place for several days would ripe. It is based on a number of characteristics to predict yet ripe avocado such as under the original fruit ripening, fruit shakes try some clatter the sound particles in fruit, fruit stalk turns yellow.
Knowing how to choose an avocado then also have to know harvesting techniques. Climb the tree with fruit picking hand, too simple, but not always in close avocado and just reach you, and you need to use a ladder. But there are fruit too high in which ladder with neither coming, you need a long stick, tie a piece of steel on the same hardware already available cage cloth into a bag with big mouth and hard. Need skillful controls to reach the mouth avocado and tugged bags, avocado is to be slipped into the pocket. Well, as easy as ... put avocado in the bag.

Hè vui hái bơ4
Show of hands are picking the fruit

Hè vui hái bơ3
These fruit high above must have stick "dedicated" are freshly picked

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Avocado in Moc Chau is quite diverse, but most delicious sticky avocado
Saying so, Actually, the garden Tugging at times too, fruit thrown away forever. There are snatching forever fruit no off, just dangling out of his mouth turning and sliding pocket, infuriated people. Calm down a bit, picking up sticks raised nearly horizontal stems and fruits, and at that time you pulled comfortable, not losing fruit fly, also not slide anymore. Feeling fruit picking this time and stayed relaxed already.

Hè vui hái bơ2
To select avocados are delicious, people are sure to make hand picked fruit, shaking nut rolls.

Avocado not eat freshly picked, picked some fruit under the original temporary, wipe and wash away, eating peeled directly. Butter does not spray, no fertilizer, no preservatives, irritants, ripe natural and fresh, eat a little early but day light, aromatic and into the throat then you will see sweet cool.
Now where should milk, need sugar. Picking avocado, enjoy avocado in place between Moc Chau summer sweet thing already.

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