What does it have in summer Moc Chau tourism?

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What does it have in summer Moc Chau tourism?

Summer Moc Chau Tourism, is always very attractive destinations. Northwest cultural space has unique folk medium and the soft curvature. You will be immersed in the vast space of mountain forests, peaceful scene with maize field or terraces. The shifting of tea or file up mountains coincide very fit person and disgusted adventurous noisy life in the city.

The mild climate and cool weather

It can be said, the atmosphere in Moc Chau is one of the rare gift and most precious of the land. Plateau Area cool in summer, slightly cold in Fall, freezing cold in winter and warm spring was no longer unfamiliar names for those of you on the road when the flowering season.

 Du lịch Mộc Châu mùa hè có gì?
Cycling pair walking around Ang Village pine forest lake in temperate weather, cool in Moc Chau 

At the end of April beginning of May, Moc Chau cool weather, airy atmosphere and pleasant, destination avoid hot too ideal, to experience great things.

Green tea hills, Dai Yem waterfall pouring water season

moc chau pys travel003 Du lịch Mộc Châu mùa hè có gì?
Enjoy the cool,  comfortable from Majestic Dai Yem waterfall, beautiful poetic 

Wandering over the hills and flowering tea, watching the blue sky in splendid voice from on high, tiptoed through the rocks of the waterfall moss bib Strip, curious to Bat Cave, or simply sipping a cool taste every early frost melting yet still trellised the alleys and side streets of this land. 

 Du lịch Mộc Châu mùa hè có gì?
Between tea plantation heart green day, idyllic 

To Moc Chau in the last days of April, Moc Chau is no longer the immense paradise flower, instead the tea sea green daydream.

Green pastures Plateau will give visitors a sense of calm, soothing. Brass incense space of internal wind, blowing the pressure of urban stress, the modern life.

Season plums, peaches ripe red
To Moc Chau at this time, you will be ecstatic with the garden-ripe plum, peach garden "red cheeks", will be relaxed amidst the cool vapor from Dai Yem waterfall, waterfall Chieng Khoa, then discover features mystery of the Son Moc Huong Cave, On village five caves ... 

 Du lịch Mộc Châu mùa hè có gì?

The peach "red cheek" Moc Chau in the harvest 

Coming here, you will be involved plum picking tour, experience the life of the farmers while wearing papoose on her back, hand-picking the ripe red plum and receive "remuneration" from his plum number was  picked.. 

 Du lịch Mộc Châu mùa hè có gì?

Ecstasy with Moc Chau plum in season
With natural beauty and diverse cultural resources, Moc Chau promises to bring you an enjoyable stay and rewarding.

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