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In Summer, also is seasonal visitors can participate in interesting agricultural activities in Moc Chau, associated with the harvest, enjoy the fruits ripen.
Every year in mid-May Moc Chau back bustling into service plums. Plum hills immense cover headline on the hilltop. What could be more interesting to be played as farmers worn “lu co” behind and direct picking each plum.
Coming to Moc Chau in early summer (23/5 days) you will be engaged in picking fruit festival held at Ka Na plum valley an area of over 100 hectares. More specifically you will enjoy plum products such as plum jam, plum wine, plum syrup ... season lasts about two months, during this time, Tan Lap region and the town's Farm area many plum most you can go to any garden plum, please allow the home and in the garden to enjoy.
 Last season Moc Chau in June plums, peaches begin to appear. Peach fruit is always ripe peaches later in the kind grown in Moc Chau, in the month of July 6, when plums, apricots, France peaches harvested. Called peach to distinguish this forest peach varieties with different kinds of peaches. Peach were planted by Hmong along highways 6, Long Luong Commune - Van Ho District in the fall you will see the Hmong girl sits sell peaches. Sweet Peach flavored, mixed a little sour, peach red seed split lip while looking great.

 End of July early August start in the fall avocado and persimmon. Not only delicious, persimmons are rich in nutrients good for health, persimmons in Moc Chau was like originating in Japan, are looking on cool climate areas, farmers do not use pesticides, drugs plant protection should be very safe for travelers, the rose garden is planted gardens interspersed with avocado, you will be immersed in cool dreamy nature. Hand-picked the Hard Persimmon sweet cool and eat at the garden without vinegar.

Moc Chau avocado bloom from December last year until July the following year a new fruit ripening. Perhaps because so long accumulation, so when eating Moc Chau avocado delicious and soft, you will not see sense or crude fiber. Cut the avocado, seeded, coated surface results in less milk then spoon so the soft sweet butter, greasy smooth and enjoy.

Avocados contain more than 14 vitamins and minerals including calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, manganese and selenium. Avocados are also rich in antioxidants, which works to prevent the formation of free radicals that lead to cause cancer, cataracts, skin aging, helps maintain skin firmness.

To Moc Chau in summer you will be relaxing in the fresh cool space but forget all anxiety, chaos of life in urban areas.

Source: Hoang Anh - Management Board of Moc Chau Tourism Zone

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