Summer and delicious fruit in Son La

Tuesday - 26/05/2015 00:27

Summer and delicious fruit in Son La

After those days brilliant cherry color, plum, ban. Son La is entering the season with plum ripe fruit, peach, mango, tamarind ....
Moc Chau will be mentioned first, by a vast plateau is green by the peach trees, plum trees, laden with fruit ripe apricots.

Pleasures arrival Moc Chau Steppe in this season's been engaged to gather the fruit. New plum ripe only sporadically, but peaches, apricots on the tree, it was brilliant then. Peach France, American peach Early bloom from May 10-11 Lunar, now red fruit on the tree laden nitrite.


Raised his hand grabbed branches down, select the most picked ripe peaches wipe down through soft undercoat saw buoyed ago, took a bite, the crisp, sour, sweet without making ecstatic heart. If there are no conditions in the garden, visitors can choose to buy peaches at the town market, but best of all is bought at the stalls peaches, apricots, plums along Highway 6, or about "fruit market" in the new 3-way intersection area, steep peaks 75, where a lot of people focus H'Mong, Thai, brought the fruit home gardens sits sell to passersby.
Maybe climate is warmer a little than Moc Chau, Son La plum is always ripe sooner. And the interesting walk in Son La also buy fruit very particular tastes. Guests can meet Thai women Virtual COM pieu towel neat, lovely with a 2 pole head tore threw several bags of apricots, plums and vegetables bags, or having a bike pack with shorts plum, peach ... At the gate the 7-11 market, Central Market, Rang Tech market, the Thai people used to sit here with the rear Met plum,  rice plum, peaches, muom (a fruit like mango, but smaller and quite sour and often encouraged dotted with dry “Cham cheo”, a kind of dots characteristic of Thai compatriots Northwest. Rice plum is smaller  than hau plum, when ripe turn yellow, and bright red. If conditions go through the garden plum rice in Binh Thuan commune area, please stop in the gardens right hand pavement and gather the clusters of small rice plum ripe yellow fingertips, vibrant red ripe wrong laden branches .


In Yen Chau, when the sun as fire began to appear, tamarind fruit also began to turn color. The old tamarind flew off steam and partially sour turn from green to brown, then dry crust is crispy piece of software with sour tamarind sweet and sour appealing. Mangoes are also waiting for the end of May grew sweet yellow nursery. Yen Chau mango has long been famous upwards although not large but muted sweetness and characteristic aroma it is difficult and with any kind of any mango in Northwest. Along Highway 6, besides the roadside shop sold me ripe, young mango, visitors can also visit the Thai family at the roadside. If in Moc Chau, the people around the plum trees, peach trees are in Yen Chau, around each floor could house has some tamarind, mango tree laden with fruit serving children crowd dissipated the late summer.

With fruit trees, orchards, travelers complete peace of mind for freshness, hygiene and food safety. In return inventory, do not miss these delicious berries Son La land.


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