Why should come Moc Chau, Van Ho in summer

Wednesday - 10/06/2015 05:16
Moc Chau and Van Ho has become the most attractive destinations in northern each of the winter, but not many people know, this land was extremely come in summer.
If the winter season can be roughly considered the lovers, of love, the summer in Moc Chau, Van Ho is the season of family. Where families reunite, relax with many collective activities: picking fruit, fish ...

 1.     Cool Climate:

In recent years, when Earth's climate warmer, the greenhouse effect that in many areas the temperature rose too high, many place from 40-45 degree C. But in Moc Chau, sunny temperatures even just hottest at 30-32 degrees Celsius and absolutely no sweat sticky thing as elsewhere. Furthermore, in the highlands of this 1000m high on average, forest breezes from the hillsides and still blowing about as fresh air, pleasant. Most hot just a fan is enough, do not need air conditioning. Like most of the night, you still need  a thin blanket to sleep Horizontal cover because it was very cool.

2.        Steppe green endless

Summer come, bringing with them the first rainfall for watering trees, rice paddies, lush cornfields cool, tea hills, green pastures untouched. All are whopping vitality. The heart-shaped tea plantation, tea plantation fingerprint and Shan Tuyet tea lill, Oolong tea hill will be the most romantic destination this season with each visitor.

3.         Season ripe fruit, fresh vegetables:

From plums, peaches come, Cat melon, Yen Chau mango, then the butter, .... the ripe fruit satisfying enough for the tourists enjoyed eating. And like most is the feeling of being yourself in picking fruit garden, enjoy the spot, or in the organic vegetable farm, in the broad homestay hand picked vegetables, cracked corn, dig shoots, spitting peanuts for meal preparation yourself.

4.         Season the shrimp fish filled streams:
Summer is also the rainy season, seasonal streams, rivers start warm water. If hard on the tourists a chance to experience the snails, fish, shrimp in the river, in the spring.
Consulting destination:
The plum garden in the town of Moc Chau Farm, Tan Lap commune, especially is Ka Na plum valley, at subregional Pa Khen 1, Moc Chau Farm Town.
Homestay Hoa village, in Hoa village Tan Lap commune to be shoots, pluck groundnut, corn harvest, pull the fish....
Avocado orchards, of Corporation highland flowers, Cooperative Agriculture - Moc Chau Pharmaceutical Green, in Ang village, Dong Sang village.
Want fishing and snails can be found come Phu Mau village, Chieng Yen commune, or delve into the area of Muong Te, Quang Minh

Source: Thanh Dao

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