Moc Chau (Son La) - peaceful place in spring

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Moc Chau (Son La) - peaceful place in spring

Moc Chau (Son La) - peaceful place in spring
Moc Chau Plateau (Son La) is the most beautiful in the spring, when the cherry, plum blossom, white flowers blooming mountain improvements ... And in the highlands, has gradually formed the basis of how investors to develop tourism in addition to exploiting existing natural landscape.
Up Moc Chau listen love story tea hills
"I remember the beautiful memories of the photos of green tea gardens, are as straight furrow in my hometown of Bao Loc (Lam Dong). Listen to people talking about the love story hills northwest of tea in the heart of Tan Lap (Son La) in the North West and beyond this season is cherry, plum, the more I was motivated on the road, he Trong Vu, tourists from Ho Chi Minh City said.
Tea gardens are planted with a heart-shaped tea hills boss named Nguyen Phuc Hau, measuring 30 hectares mildew named in subdivision 3, Tan Lap commune. This is his tea plantation grown since 1999 Late. He excitedly told his wife on the initial meeting - Ms. Nguyen Thi Luong. He confessed: "It took him no, just the tea gardens gifts green heart", touched by the sincerity and his heart, she agreed to marry him and the legendary love story of a tea plantation the heart was born. Boys and girls in the region known, initial visit because of "strange", but the story of love that has become a lesson in love, spiritual labor, happiness built on uplands. Protestant remote station, tea plantation blight - Tan Lap times have become attractions for visitors.
Already 14 years passed between green hills, tea gardens mildew, Tan Lap became an embodiment of romantic love brings the highlands northwest. Hau He urged: "Come up hither, cherry blossom season is a smile, but because it's cold, but it'd sure be nice too. Northwest cherry but, always tinged stain and odor. If you have the opportunity to enjoy hot tea bowl mildew to love more fragrant native earth. "
With tourism toward "professional", these tea gardens are becoming an attractive destination for tourists looking for agreements dream tea hills, back to childhood memories.

Spring - new life
The Moc Chau to this season will be felt in the spring vitality. By the time the sun started warming up on the green prairie, the branches of plums, apricots and field improvements sprung racing the white flowers. Plum scattered throughout the country and the largest plateau in the path from the gate leading to the town of Long Sap Laos border. Beautiful plum blossom not only fragile, but also by pure when hatched, flowers inflate plateau that heaven and earth are "dyed" color pure white by a very shy ...
On this spring day, Moc Chau green prairies boisterous sounds of flute, praise of calling partner and laughter. The boys, girls pull together helped put Mongolia on the fun spots in the village.
In Moc Chau also has dairy farm so visitors can enjoy delicious fresh milk, eating five sets roasting crispy outside but soft on the inside, fried tripe shoots very well known ... Besides, visitors to the queue can have many glittering stalactites, waterfalls Strip Flaps, the Ang forest, forest Ngu grace with plum, peach forest, roadside cauliflower and beautiful caves, the three Phach have dozens cauliflower flower fields, the Information Cuong Luong Loong is the country's third plum blossom, cherry blossoms bloom in spring sprung.
To facilitate the development of Moc Chau, Assoc. TS. Pham Trung Luong, Deputy Director of the Institute for Tourism Development said: Son La tourism focused community development, but need to avoid duplication of products with the North West province, and policy development to attract travel agents in conjunction with community tourism development. Son La should have policies for tourism development a systematic way, and need special attention to community participation in the development of sustainable tourism. /.


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