Potential development of Moc Chau national tourism zone

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Potential development of Moc Chau national tourism zone

One of the largest tourism resources of Moc Chau is the diversity of cultures with many ethnic groups living in the area. Each nation has a culture that has its own unique characteristics is formed for a long time
The main characteristic
In general, compared with the surrounding local area, and potential tourism resources development, Moc Chau is remarkable comparative advantages, it is:

* Ideal climatic conditions for resort tourism

Climate is one of the most important factors that play a role in the construction of the resort. In Vietnam, the region has a mild climate, cool Sapa (Lao Cai), Da Lat (Lam Dong), Tam Dao (Vinh Phuc), Bana (Da Nang), Ba Vi (Ha Noi ) ... the French are options to develop into the famous resort from the past.
Moc Chau is situated at an average altitude of over 1,000 m with relatively large rainfall (over 1,500 mm / year) is located between the Black River in the northeast and the Code River in the south-western acts as two air-conditioning systemno natural gas for an annual average temperature of Moc Chau is 18.50 0C lower than neighboring areas such as Son La City (21.10 0C), Peace (23.00 0C),Dien Bien (23.00 0C). Compared to other areas such as Sa Pa, Tam Dao, Ba Na, Da Lat ... Moc not inferior climate conditions.

With the above conditions, Moc Chau can say from the neighborhood in Northwest corridor along Highway 6 (including Hoa Binh, Son La, Dien Bien) is home to the most ideal conditionsthe climate for tourism development with low temperatures, fresh air, cool, abundant rainfall, etc. this can be considered as one of the great advantages of Moc Chau in the formation of theresort tourism.

* The diversity and unique culture of ethnic minorities

One of the largest tourism resources of Moc Chau is the diversity of cultures with many ethnic groups living in the area.Each nation has a culture that has its own unique characteristics formed a long time with traditional cultural values ​​create tourist attractions such as The customs; Traditional Festival; treasure folklore (oral literature, architecture, costumes, etc.); performing arts (folk dances, musical instruments, etc.). Traditional crafts; produce and culinary and cultural ...

These values ​​can be exploited to develop into an attractive tourism products tourism especially international tourists.

* Destination image formation and famous

For travel Vietnam, Moc Chau has long been known as a prominent destination in the mountainous northwest region with unique characteristics including the key elements:
"Plateau" - the image of a plateau with views both majestic and poetic, captivating hills of tea, of green pastures too wide eyes, white plum flower gardens, the mountainsgreat, cloud four seasons, the village hidden in the morning dew, the terraced fields
"Tea" - typical crops of Moc Chau Plateau. Not only is a specialty crop, "Tea" is the quintessence of traditional agricultural culture in Moc Chau and is considered to be one of the most valuable specialty of Moc Chau Plateau. Also tea hilly landscape is also a characteristic of Moc Chau and favorable conditions for the development of agro-ecological tours.
-      "Dairy" - the most popular pet species in Moc Chau, along with "Tea" has long been a symbol of Moc Chau Plateau.
* Favorable geographic position in the Northwest Corridor
Geographic location, may be considered Moc Chau is the gateway connecting mountainous area northwest of Hanoi and the northern plains on arterial roads Highway 6. In the space of tourism development area the northern mountainous and midland, Moc Chau is one of the most important National Tourism in the Northwest corridor along Highway 6.
* Is the character rich natural and mountains diversity and ability to develop tourism products
Cool-climate conditions, fresh in Moc Chau has created a variety of valuables
-       Milk: agricultural products is also considered a specialty of Moc Chau. Moc Chau milk of good quality and brand on the market. However, dairy products also monotonous, yet diverse. Especially dairy farms in Moc Chau is possible to develop into tourist attractions.

-       Tea: the crops are considered a specialty of Moc Chau, present in Moc Chau tea has been processed into products of Moc Chau branded goods, including tea Moc Chau has been exported to Taiwanand other countries around the world. Around the world, some areas of the natural produce are popular tourist food products such as wine tourism (wine tourism) in the Mediterranean region, tourism, coffee in South America .... Also the system of hill in Moc Chau tea can also form the unique landscape for tourists

- Corn is popular crops in Moc Chau due to topography and climate. This can be considered a strategic crop of ethnic minority in Moc Chau, a significant contribution in improving the lives of the people especially the ethnic minorities. If exploited the shifting green corn with corn products processing will become a unique tour of Moc Chau.

Other agricultural products such as tropical fruit trees, temperate, flowers, sturgeon, salmon ... is the product of direct service needs food, souvenirs of tourists at the same time the basis ofhigh-tech agricultural production as flower farms, fruit farms, fish farms are tourist attractions tourist attraction.
-       The mountain forest produce such as medicinal herbs, honey, bamboo shoots ... as well as the produce can produce food products as well as goods souvenirs for tourists.
* Major tourist resources

- Son Moc Huong cave: Located close to the heart of the district, take the same route on the cliff over the garden plum, garden dreams will come down. From the observable both Moc Chau. Inside are the stone structure, giving the viewer the feeling lost in the magical world.
-       The forest pine Ang village: Being Dong Sang commune be old pine hill that has beautiful scenery on the low hill bowl. It is very close to town, very convenient traffic suitable for camping, picnic.
- Falls "bib Strip": Muong Sang, with two waterfall down to a height of 100 m, one side is divided into nine floors, the remaining 5. Two operators are separated by about 200 m, but in the distance it's a flat ground very convenient for the visitors. From extraction "Flaps range" is connected to the hill with a path, so between hills and waterfalls will make a tour.
-    Top Pha Luong: The Moc Chau 15km east of Pha Luong peak with an elevation of 1,500 meters, on top of a flat land area of nearly 10 hectares are suitable for the construction of a special tourist area.
Da River: From Moc Chau straight down river ports Van Yen, which comes Da tours, sailing tourists to visit many beautiful scenes on the route, the route may be extended to the Son La hydropoweror down the Hoa Binh hydropower plant.
- Xuan Nha natural reserve: The Moc Chau about 40 km to the south, where there is plenty of forest and rare animals such as tigers, bears ... are favorable conditions for the development of ecotourism.
- Spas Systems: hot springs system of Moc Chau capable of forming the tourist resort treatment with attractive landscapes, cultural minorities and the hot mineral water, mineral water springscapable of exploitation in tourism include: spa Model; spas you leave; spas Hua Pang
- The system of historical and cultural revolution as Don Moc Moc Chau district; Souvenir target Group Vietnam 83 volunteers at Laos (in Dong Sang); Historic where Uncle Ho talked withpeople Moc Chau in 13 sub-areas of Moc Chau (Museum district); historic group 52 Western Tien - State the 12 Moc Chau; historical hatred Beer 64, km 70 zonesfell 3 Highway 6 Long collapse; relic of VAT Hong-the Muong Xang Committee (only traces); Hang piece Quang Minh temple;
- The system of archaeological sites along the Song Da area such as riparian coffin cave, fossil animals in the region Chieng Yen, marks engraved on the stone of the region Xuan Nha ... needs further study, detection and conservation enrich traditional indigenous culture.
- The village culture landscape, habitat preserved traditional activities, culture, can be exploited to form the valuable tourism products such as: the color,Hao, Na Bai, Long Luong, Lin stream, Ban Ang, Ta Nam Khao aneurysm, fish specialties, Na Coóng ...
- Gate Long Collapse convenient connection capable of Moc Chau with Sam again (Xamneua) and far more than is Luang Prabang (Luang Prabang) old capital of Laos. Currently the wood Chau - Long Sap expanded and upgraded to a national highway (Highway 43). These are favorable conditions for tourists to visit the Xuan Nha natural reserve and connected tourist routes to Laos as Sam Nua town (Xam Neua), the historical revolution Vientiane to build (Viengxay) and the ancient capital of Luang Prabang (Luang Prabang).
* Current distribution of tourism resources
Moc Chau tourism potential is concentrated distribution in three regions with different strengths and limitations of the central area; eastern region and the southern region

* The central area

-       Location: Located in the heart of the district boundary of the town of Moc Chau Farm and a number of social Dong Sang, Phieng Luong, Van Ho ...
- The potential and strengths of the region is located in a central location convenient for connecting to other areas at the same time facilitate the development of service centers associated with urban travel; transport systemrelatively developed; diverse tourism resources and focus particularly salient features of Moc Chau savanna, climate, landscape and culture of ethnic minorities ... most of the focus here;
- The main drawback of the densely populated area and is a major agricultural production area such as tea, dairy cattle, grass, fruit trees ...
-       Ability to exploit the different types of tourism such as: cultural tourism; tourism, nursing care; entertainment; sports; ecotourism; historical tours; tourismLast week ...

*  Eastern region

-       Location: Located in the eastern district boundary includes the Chieng Khoa, Muong Te Muong Men, Chiang Yen, Long Luong
- The potential and strengths of the region is located in the cultural characteristics of ethnic minorities; mountainous landscape; system spas; landscape Da ...
- The main drawback of the system area due to underdeveloped infrastructure, low population levels.
- Ability to exploit different types of tourism such as: cultural tourism; tourism, nursing care; ecotourism; Da river cruises; weekend travel ...

* Southern region

- Location: located in the southern district, the area of ​​the town of Long Sap, Xuan Nha, Chieng Son
-       Potential and strengths of the region including ecosystem diversity, the majestic mountain landscape, Xuan Nha Nature Reserve; Gate Long Sap ...
- Limitations of the region due to poor infrastructure system development; strict administrative procedures of Xuan Nha natural reserve (which is located in the border belt); Educational level low.
- Ability to exploit different types of tourism such as ecotourism, gate travel trade, tourism weekend, ethnic cultural tourism.

* Evaluation of potential

First, the climatic conditions of Moc Chau is ideal for developing tourism. Compared with the region and the country, the climate of Moc Chau in no way inferior to the striking area relaxation of Vietnam such as Sapa, Dalat ....
Second, the diversity of the cultural identity of many peoples with a long cultural history is favorable to mining development of cultural tourism product unique, high value.
Third, compared to other areas with similar conditions such as Sa Pa, Da Lat ... Moc Chau is the area near Hanoi.
The possibility of exploitation of Moc Chau relatively favorable conditions due to the tourism potential of high concentration is very convenient to develop tourism center takes an active role in developing, is the kernel of the international tourismfamily.


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