Making “homestay” difficult or easy?

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Service “homestay” flourishes in the kye tourist destinations across the country. But according to experts, the majority of services currently only be called “housestay”.
Making “homestay” difficult or easy?

“Homestay” is not the accommodation service 
“Homestay”is a type of tourism that visitors will stay together and living together with local people such as family members, through collective action to experience the life and cultural values action of the land that tourists come to. Therefore, according to Vi Thanh Nam – Director of travel Amazing, “homestay” is a complete tourist product, not just the accommodation service. 
Only when visitors actually integrate into local life from food to activities, woking , they really are kind of homestay tourism experience (Photo: foreign tourists in Ta Van (Sapa) -a specialized tourism homestay-Ngoc Thanh) 
“ English," 
home "means a homewhere family cohesion between the membersAnd "house" is the house in the physical senseMost current local deployment types of accommodation in houses and called it a "homestay",but actually just "housestay" only "Mr. Nam said. 
to Mr Namthe stay at home peopleor eating at home people also just like to find a place to stay in but casual and close to the native populationBut this activity is not to help visitors learn more about theconditions and habitsthe routinethe core value of the land that they are exploring"Only when visitors actually integrate into local life from food to activitiesnew employeesthey have the knowledge and experience of a natural and deep. However, according to my understandingin addition to Hue and Hoi An (Quang Nam), the other a "homestay" is just as good accommodation servicesaccommodationStill just guests on day trips,photographylocal look at life from the outside. Even their meals separatelywhich serves private and not shared with the landlord. "  
Nam evidence"If anyone has ever watched the program See another foreign land on French television station will know what ishomestay "really. In the episode of the Black Lo Lo in Vietnamthe French had aconfirmed "homestay" that everyone desiresin the floorwood floor is not shownmattresseseaten with dried fishplowing ricericeor porkor cook rice brancorn down to the market to sell ... it is in these everydayactivities that visitors and new owner falls in love sticking close as you gain more valuable value experience a new life. "  
Mr Nam said to be "homestay" like it is not easyWhile "housestay" more simplejust a little investment for infrastructureThat is why "housestay" thrive "homestay" only sporadically few typical points

Landlords “homestay” must be a travel specialist.

the person in charge of tourism planning Co To Island District at the same time is also devoted to the development of local tourismsaid Nguyen Duc ThanhSecretary of the District Party Committee Cosaid"stayedServiceshouses in Co've had for yearsbut services "homestay" true meaning is not thereWe have prepared three years to give birth to this product and is expected to need at least another year. " 

host a travel expertsat the same time acutely aware of the services they are offeringthe benefits that it offers value for themselves and for society (Photo: Ngoc Thanh 
said he personally went to visit at many points "homestay" within and outside the country should know very well the problems of this particular type of tourismAccording to Thanhthe facility should not matter too largeby visitors choose "homestay" ie the minimum acceptable physical conditionMost important is the hostHow to homeowners who are acutely aware of services they are offeringthe benefits that it brings to themselves andvalue to society

"To convince people tohomestay "not easy because everyone wants privacyNature is not only a strange visitor to their homeeatsleep walking with family activities can disturb life as well as their psychologicalThen youshould learn foreign languages ​​to communicate with foreign visitorslearn the culture to understand the visitor to what you needmust behave accordingly ... If immediately raises a series of questions like most of the familywill be denied. " 

According to Thanh, 
the selection of households "homestay" based on voluntary demand but also selectiveBy-products "homestay" has a very strong impact on the overall image of a destination should do "homestay" notonly knowledge of the tourism and economic know howbut also good qualityvision away and think about the benefits of community. In other words, the homestay host a travel specialistThey must know how to talk tocustomerswith the ability to create comfort for the customersunderstand customer psychologyan understanding of all the issues local to introduce our ... Thereforetraining courses for those working "homestay" not shortterm but focus on the short term but continuous training and propaganda for years, even when the service went into operation

"Force management at any local thinIf spontaneous people to work then go reorganize the nature of patch attachmentnot to the root of the problemWhen People stayed home serviceshouseholds collect prices stay high,no price listed or no security for tourists. This has many tourist attractionsBut if the first people to be educated about awarenessunderstanding the responsibility of the individual to the community as well as long-term ways to attractkeep long-term economic benefitsstatus expiredlifting price travelers will minimize 
say "homestay" hard right that easy also trueIt is important that the preparation for the introduction of specific types of tourism are fully preparedthoughtfulespecially in terms of human beings"he said”

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