Moc Chau the flowering season

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Moc Chau the flowering season

Moc Chau the flowering season
Moc Chau big girl, attractive, attractive flowers by season rustic, simple but rich, new
1. Moc Chau cauliflower season

Starting from late October to early November is the last time an early winter collection, as well as the flowers bloom cauliflower gradually pick up the winter with serene highlands.
At bloom time from late November to the end of December, visitors can see the flower fields, the vast valley pristine white. More wild sunflowers dotted, bright yellow flowers poinsettias, red carpet, again combined with poetic scenery untouched jungle flowers cauliflower will make sure visitors feel lost in dreamland.
2.  The plum blossom season in Moc Chau
Almost white plum blossom flowers characteristic of the plateau there is nowhere.
By about February, after the price of winter months, when the weather starts to warm up, the plum orchards in Moc Chau, flowering buds start popping up all mountain, creating a landscape lyrical, poetic and romantic romance.
When flowering plum blossom, if going under the trees in the farm you'll feel like you are floating on a cloud walk.

Plum flowers blPlum flowers bloom very quickly, in about 2-3 weeks brightly and faded so instead of pretty young plum.

3. Blossoms ban
March, April when the plum blossom, cherry blossoms have faded, the spring rain sifted lingering infection, northwestern mountains around the committee flashes white flowers. And Moc Chau is one of many where the flowers bloom and beautiful.
Moc Chau on occasion to bloom boa board, visitors have the opportunity to participate in the festival of the Thai Stock Cha held here. Conference held annually, about 23 to 26 March.
Besides the beauty of the flowers, Moc Chau is also known for places like Strip mining Flaps, Bat Cave, tea gardens, hill resorts Ang Village or dairy farms.
4. Cherry blossom season

In mid-winter, Moc Chau is causing guests a pleasant surprise with early blooming cherry France. French cherry wings paler and less forest than just training which bloom every Lunar New Year in Moc Chau. Much of this training is the training like France, or early ripening peach of Moc Chau, they often bloom early.
Like this new training quickly attuned to the climate and soil Moc Chau, now it has become one of the strange features of the land of mist hung this cloud.

But no early flowering plums in many places but the pink peach petals dotted the fields flowers cauliflower makes the beauty of the plateau becomes sparkling, unique.

Early spring, forest education, training cats started brightly blooming, the H'mong village of Long Luong commune area as a paradise with beautiful pink charm

Therefore, Moc Chau has become paradise for tourists taking pictures and how the couple from South to North.

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