May come to Moc Chau picking plums

Tuesday - 11/06/2013 23:00
From April to June, Moc Chau brilliant red color of plums, peaches in nine cases. It would be interesting to be directly involved in the process of harvesting plums farmers.
Tháng 5 về Mộc Châu hái mận
Looking at the immense plum orchards run nearly headline from the foot of the mountain peaks, the plum beams, you will bring excitement and enthusiasm to the garden tools picking plums.
They will show you how to pick plums: picked by a tie rod basket, picked by climbing chair, picked up the tree ... Each type has its own characteristics: it is not picked baskets climb, but invited her for always Lift your eyes look up, picked by climbing trees but also a little scared, but even more interesting, the feeling of being ranked high on the climb so freely in the city can not afford it.
The hand touch the red beam purple plum, thin white powdery layer exhibits slightly tan, leaving the skin stretch plum round, shiny, red. Break into the basket of plums left foot, hold hands and singing on the branches, Classified fruit baskets once filled plum. Stop hand, wiping sweat on his forehead, put red plum best, most up to nine mouth and took a bite, bitter, sweet spreads down my throat, then spread across the ... Even if your hard Second, you also pay the farmer picking plums for rent again. But not worth much compared to a working day in the city, but more or less it provides insight into the work of a farmer: hard but full of joy

And, what a delight in the area's colorful costumes fellow Mongolian plum orchards that stood between photography, styling. Which is to climb trees, clinging to branches, which carry strap .... Enough.
Then the vast jungle plum, evening you get campfire grill a few chickens running available in the garden, drinking wine and eating chicken. Evening to sleep in tent camping among men of all known insect species ...


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