Moc Chau- season of flowers cauliflower

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Moc Chau- season of flowers cauliflower

Moc Chau- season of flowers cauliflower
From the end of October, the white tie bow sun Moc Chau natural embellishments add freshness. The green tea grill immense eye interspersed hills white, flowers, wild sunflowers flaunt gorgeous than ever, that many people have to spend a lot of time to take pictures and admire the ...
Moc Chau is far from Hanoi about 200km, is one of the best attractions is the people "Leaders" and the photographer to buy flowers bloom. Moc Chau this season the freezing cold, the soft rays of light began to dawn on the Northwest sky, Moc Chau is also the time to put on her stunning white gown.
Across the plains, the hills, covered with a pristine white flower of reform, but the most beautiful is the area behind The pine Ang. Tens of hectares of improved white blooms. Take a leisurely walk in the pine forest on the beautiful path, you will see in front of the beds improving run Smoking sight, from her feet to the top of the hill. White cabbage, traditional Chinese pink of cherry leaf blends with the space between dreaming, that you can not control our limpid beauty of autumn North West.
Moc Chau cauliflower flower season, you also feel the beauty of the each tiny white plum flower clusters, the flap flower dew sparkling wild sunflowers or yellow wild sunflowers growing mixed with red poinsettia flowers, blooming throughoutalong the road on the dairy farm. Natural barriers flowers orange mix of ripe citrus makes red dirt roads dreaming. Far away, the house on stilts villagers are in the mist, golden fields to harvest, really great inspiration for photographers
Moc Chau Plateau in the memories of many people is the green tea hill, freshly young pastures and the herds of cattle have free grazing. There, the warm rays shone radiant look across the rolling hills of tea and fragrant tea sweet aromatic, looming white hat worker picking. There was so much love "bear fruit" on the plateau flower reform, then they invite each other to record the album wedding anniversary. Tea hill with five heart-shaped interlocking romantic look is on its way to hibernation - you Wen, where couples often choose to do wedding photography context.
Moc Chau, you are not immersed in the beautiful space, full of colors of flowers, the colorful national costume, but also have the opportunity to learn more about the many unique culinary culture. Enjoy the baby cried the voice-, soft veal, delicious, nutritious and hard to resist; Moc Chau fresh milk with natural taste on rare or roasted spring fish fresh, sweet meat; San tea flavor famous snow ... you will definitely unforgettable flavor of the dish characterized northwest.

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