The flowers bloom White forest Northwest in March

Wednesday - 23/04/2014 23:03

The flowers bloom White forest Northwest in March

The flowers bloom White forest Northwest in March
When the spring drizzle stopped and the sun is warming at Northwest region, from Moc Chau to Son La, Dien Bien, Yen Bai were sinking in the pristine whiteness of the flowers blooming.
 On the peaks the original white flower carpet, extending into the mining ban through runoff from mountain cliffs, trees down to the ground is typical scene in the North West in March.

Thai people regarded ban flower as one of the flowers symbolizing love. Like five colors sticky rice, purple symbolizes loyalty, red is faithful love, passionate, romantic ... But the white board is not only purity, it's carrying nature clear love, not-for-profit, attempt. True love vibe from the heart, from the true feelings. It also represents a faithful love, eternal.

Flowers called on both the initial harvests. In yet the flowers are blooming brilliant that year crops releases, completely. It seems that when the flowers bloom, the white forest early season rains also came to. From remote villages on the mountain, let alone down the valley filled with warm water. She left the hustle sowing, soil, slash and prepare for the new season. Father urges calm buffalo new harrow the fields, her mother bent friend blighted shores under the white board in peace.
In the Northwest hills flooding white ban flowers

Beauty as a particular religion, it's not teaching, no scriptures, it convinced the people of the tiny icons such as the flowers. March, in the midst of the season, found out that between heaven and earth philosophy Northwest also saw their happiness.

Author: Thanh Dao

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