Unique custom shampoo of Thai women

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Unique custom shampoo of Thai women

With a Thai woman, next to "increase the crane," the art of shampooing, care of their hair is also considered an art new to many unique features.


goidauThai women washing in the stream (Photo: Internet)

The high place the top bun (Thais called up crane) is a sign that Thai girls are married.Since then marry that with less bun loose hair out by the secret question and a silver brooch set up hair fixed. Then both a silver brooch ornaments, just to show the hierarchy of Thai women in social relations. Besides pieu tune spread and scarves, hair can become distinctions of Thai women.

Hair usually care little careful and long culture, Thai women rarely cut her hair short. Once upon Thai women with regular shampoo leaves of forest trees to keep silky black hair.Today modern life have crept up to the high that Thai women gradually forgot shampoo traditional customs.

The Thai concept, the washing of the wife has close ties with her ​​husband's life, especially when her husband was going away and doing dangerous work. So to avoid danger to her husband, the wife usually does not wash during her husband is away. Very serious work that was conducted before her husband goes away and is only done when her husband returned safely. There are times forests husband went to 1-2 months. In that time women were not Thai shampoo.

goi_dau_ben_bo_suoiThai women washing in the stream (Photo: Internet)

To clean the bun, no bucket, no flat back, Thai women have a secret of its own. Recipes are handed down from generation to generation as well as the concept does not wash her ​​husband's absence. The secret that very simple but very effective: water used to wash rice.Sticky rice washing water must be very specific as to the type and mix the powder into the water. Water must be to at least 2 days and two nights until a soft paste and smells Thum Thum before being put in place to wash your hair.

There are times when both husband and three months of the forest should only wash it with water to wash the rice fermented special new long hair. Not for long, but always this way also helps hair black, smooth. " According to the "rules" when her husband is away, women are not certain shampoo but the cases take a long time too, the husband and wife who can also "break barriers". However this work was conducted at night "to avoid the eyes of the devil".

Not only abstain from washing her husband is away at that Thai women do not get shampoo in 3 days of Tet, or the funeral home. When a parent dies, daughter in law and daughter, not shampoo, bath from the start of the funeral preparations when the funeral ends. Along with not shampooing, the only woman in the shower with the whole conditions wear dresses (Thai women often bathe "money", do not wear bathing at public baths and streams even with men). In the New Year, the Thai concept shampoo is a posture would be nice to anger the deceased. Therefore, the washing must be completed prior to 28 Year. Or when all three on New Year off on the dead woman's sun shall be permitted to bathe, wash it again.

Along with the development of life goes up, many of the Thai concept has become obsolete customs including shampooing. Today, like many other girls, Thai girls were more advanced, using the commonly used shampoo to clean the hair. "Now only the older people sometimes use special water was fermented rice washing shampoo for silky hair only. Thai man known to leave the village to work everywhere, new year, can not wait for the new husband is washing.

Along the stream running through the villages of Thai people, the long black hair let domestic branches are becoming memories ...

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