Coming to Moc Chau, Son La

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Coming to Moc Chau, Son La

Moc Chau (Son La province) from the center of Hanoi city less than 200 km. Moc Chau beautiful. Beautiful to the point, it is desirable for the time stopped to admire the satisfaction is the natural scene in the early morning or evening: there is a clear waste of Moc Chau smog fragile ...
Each season of the year, Moc Chau has a particular beauty. Wandering hills. The cauliflower flower field untouched stretch. Seasonal flowering plum, peach bloom, this area went into a sharp like flowers. Every weekend, young people invite each other to the capital Hanoi to Moc Chau sightseeing. Just a few hours sitting car or motorcycle, the immediate natural attractions are open to the undulating hills. Grasslands, upland mixed smooth green tea flowers are white smooth flap extends to the horizon. 

We-the people from the South to the North has had a fascinating trip, explore this remote area. Our group followed the same street, not zigzag path, road wander. Starting from Hanoi, according to Provincial Highway 433, we passed Da Bac, nature conservation areas prior to Cua Phuc Anh fangs. Then we went to spring soybean imagine. According to this same street, will on the Da River to boat down to Ben departed, Song and then departed to Moc Chau. This is the plateau, situated at elevations above 1,000 meters. Temperate weather, cool. 

Moc Chau is not developing tourism services should be modest. However, we easily find shelter overnight in the houses in the village. Perhaps this natural area that is already beautiful with cool climate all year round so people are always cheerful and welcoming.Just some questions courtesy, known to visitors from afar, locals ready to invite guests to stay home. A little meat, wine was bought at the market as food and aims, to be served. The warm sip of wine master and client closer together than, becoming more intimate ... 

Nature along with the hospitality of the locals that distant land becomes very close to visitors. Many people say that time to live slowly, escape worries or simply de-stress, they go to Moc Chau as an ideal place. Before the beautiful scenery, people become more peaceful and open to everyone. The downstream, landscape engulfed in fog smoke-thin fiber. We are told, to Moc Chau "catch a cloud." Thin clouds wrapped the silk. When it's fresh capital even more pure. The night falls, cold weather gradually. Tourists wrapped a towel around his neck and walk along the hillside between the earth and sky as adventure tourism real damage was damaged. 

Haunted by the phrase "girl Muong Te, tea Mua," we rode on Mua then Provincial Route 37 to the junction to turn on the Hua Tat Princess tea. No material areas such as Thai Nguyen, Lam Dong, but tea is very popular here. The green tea baking physically stacked up to the sky. In this country, still the ancient tea gardens have a long time. Generations, local people still keep growing and processing tea family tradition as a protected animal. Mua and tea are always precious things, to convince people hard. Come spring, the flowers peach, white flowers bloom dream adorn more natural fresh, more cool. Bake green tea mixed with white flowers on the hill creates a large colorful space, guests have to spend as much time to image, to contemplate ... 

To Moc Chau, not only enjoy the natural fresh, here you have a chance to visit the villages of 12 ethnic groups live in harmony with each other. Ethnic diversity attracts tourists by the rich culture, colorful costumes and festive attractions. The Moc Chau is about 3 km wide forest in Table Ang. Beautiful or sparkling dew by early afternoon sun. How many people have come here and traveling for hours to find the beautiful moments. 

The Moc Chau was about 7 km, direction gate operators Strip Flap Loong Sap is famous for its pristine waters clear, cool. Preferred a bit risky, guests find the Bat Cave, near the cascade range bib Hang Kia to explore. While wandering on the road, guests accidentally saw a princess tea Figure 5 interlocking hearts romantic look. Because the topography of the hill so people like new shape accordingly. Princess tea accidentally turned into a five hearts unique tourist product of the locality. 

Coming to Moc Chau in a short time but enough for visitors to experience life close to nature, to his meditations. Moc Chau is always attractive to not only once. /. 

(Source Can Tho Newspaper)

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Source: Can Tho newspaper

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