Moc Chau – Grassland of Love

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Moc Chau  – Grassland of Love

Moc Chau - a very special steppes of northwestern mountains. Spring forest dream white bloom; late fall, you will see fields of wildflowers single stamp each step, save the hair and tossing away the afternoon clouds. Just this once, sure many people will want to come again.

It is far 200km from Hanoi, Moc Chau Plateau is no stranger to the youth of northern , when the flowering season. However many of the South, it is still relatively new and unfamiliar.Is a district of Son La province , Moc Chau has cool weather all year round, giving the plateau is a unique beauty. It is known and remember to Moc Chau with those green hills and lush tea; Green elephant grass worn, on which incense dairy cows grazing; Moc Chau a peaceful rustic and training branches Tet; and thosesupply line in the spring flowering season
Journey to Moc Chau
Apricot flowers and plum flower in Moc Chau
From Hanoi, Moc Chau to My Dinh bus station. Moc Chau town: Moc Chau (located on Highway 6) and the town of Moc Chau Farm (on Highway 43).
With the "Travelers", Highway 6 is a supply of love. Because they will choose the means to motorcycle traveling this stretch of road, for easy stop on the passes with red poinsettia flowers, forest tomorrow white smooth and peaceful small villages. For every trip, in love with the country more and more lives.
As for the town of Moc Chau Farm, you will be stretching the eye with blue tea hills, the winding streets, the same shutter hills and Bang Lang clouds, was released soul into amazing natural. Just once, will "Remembering northwest, remember playing with" * (principles of poems Tay's Quang Dung - Me on Muong Lat, remember to play with).
Staying and traveling
You should arrange for you about 2-3 days in Moc Chau to explore and enjoy the beauty of this place
In two towns, you can stay in the Union Hostel, or other holiday. The town is quite small so it will not be difficult for you to find accommodation for themselves.
The car moved here not common. Therefore, you should contact the hostel where I stayed on vehicles
Destination sightseeing
1. The hibernate On village
Stalactites in The Hibernate On village
 Far from Moc Chau town about 16km. This is the ideal place for those who love to explore the unspoiled nature.
Active population consists of 4 main caves are located on a hill. 4 are independent own left hand side go pretty far. 3, 2, 1 to the right. Generally caves in hibernation are pretty nice, many stalactites and especially wide and deep. In the army of forest road to walk more than 2km. Twisting tiny road flanked by trees, rocks. Go wild with hundreds of street trees, ancient, colorful wild flower colors, with thousands of chords: Spanish ve tingling, oozing insect, bird chirping on the big trees. A natural landscape very public Tails and unspoiled nature.
Note: Want to go to the pool, you love adventure, exploring new should go. When you go be prepared flashlight (lost rent 10,000 / day); fitted footwear, clothes, all kinds of oil, anti-mosquito, insect bites to forest roadYou should also bring food and do not forget to bring your camera, camera to capture the beautiful moments ... Want to go out there when it took a whole day. Long way to go, to pass the road just enough for two people to avoid each other, sometimes to walk over the bridge sections, slippery wooden stairs. Shoe rental services, drinking water, rest did not have... In the cave just on the occasion of the new 2-9 or Lunar New Year so very dark and cold. So if someone does not know the forest do not go.
2. Waterfalls Strip Flap
A corner of Waterfall Strip Flap
Waterfalls Strip Flap (Nang waterfall, Vat village) Muong Sang Commune, Moc Chau district.As the name implies, come here, you will feel the softness of the white down, waterfalls rushing. Waterfalls Strip best bib in April to September every year, by this time poured more water, the entire screen falls 70m is a white country, both majestic and romantic. From a distance, the waterfall as a "overalls strip" casual connection between heaven and earth.
3. Ang village – Lake pine forest Dong Sang
Ang village tourism area- pine forest Dong Sang is very similar to the scence of Da Lat.
The Ang-up with the traditional stilt house hidden inside the green trees, the winding stream. When the eco-tourism forest lake, you will not be surprised from the beauty of the lake 5 ha forest located next to an area of ​​43 hectares of land spread across the hills brown red Feralit forming the natural landscape no less beautiful Tuyen Lam lake of Dalat.
Located adjacent to the town, but the people of Ang remains the same definition than most, rustic mountain forests. These cultural traditions are kept with the roof floor, spread wrap dresses in the wind is typical of the painted woman Northwest.
Also, Pa Phach also an ideal destination by the human you can see her Mongolia. It's beautiful in your photos of the highlights is the woman wearing the flood back, colorful clothes kids running game, the two sides is the shimmering reform
4. Bat cave – Son Moc Huong cave
The beauty of Bat cave
Located in the town of Moc Chau should you walk here also.
Legend has it that the: Since ancient square has a sacred dragon flying on the East Sea. When flying over this land, mountains rich soil, cool climate, peaceful heavenly dragon want to live here went down to their hidden lives in a cave in the mountains.
Today the winding mountain valley surrounded with mysterious colors: White short while in the morning, blue in the afternoon, and as bright in the afternoon, specifically purple sunset, which is the body of the dragon. When the dragon thank the land has nurtured and has released seven dragon pearls to repay their land has nurtured (which is 7 small mountain valley today) south overlooking the dragons mouth "seven pearls" this is also the entrance of the cave.On the roof of the cave there are many bat cave is the organization of the Forum crowded, dark from the new queue names. From the roof of the cave water particles dripped down from a number of stalactites in the cave, falling gently, steadily, charming, holy meat throughout the year constitute the soothing sound of the band's unique thousand words. Resorts queue is attractive dating of domestic and foreign tourists.
5. The fruits season of the Moc Chau
Plum blossom season in Moc Chau
You should choose a time in the season to come to Moc Chau, will discover the beauty of nowhere thanks to the Creator of the natural.
Spring: a flowering plum, apricot, cherry, blossom everywhere. About February is the season of bloom. Flowering season lasts from 2-3 weeks. So you have to plan ahead to go if you want to see firsthand.
- Late fall early winter, between December, Moc Chau, you'll see a steppe floating, submerged in white flower of reform, many species of wildflowers. Many young people choose this time to save for their wedding photos, memories of love.But you have to keep in mind when taking pictures in the garden wealth. Since this is the main source of income of the people here. If you damage them, it means you are affecting their pieces of rice and clothes.
- From April to June, Moc Chau vibrant red plums, peaches into ripe. You will have a very interesting experience being directly involved in the process of harvesting plums farmers.
- In addition to the above points, you should take the time to hang out on the grassy hills, tea plantations ... to take photos and learn about a Moc Chau rustic, simple but very charming. With these you prefer to explore, adventure, you can find out about Suoi Bang, with ghost valley and the coffin hanging on the cliff cliff.
Food & Specialties
Calves fried is a specialty in Moc Chau
Cow's milk. This plateau, you should definitely enjoy cow's milk in place. But to really feel the taste of fresh milk should you drink in the morning, for breakfast.
Calves fried, fish streams. "By the Moc Chau not eat calves fried is not called to Moc Chau". Famous calves fried Moc Chau near and far by tasty hard to resist. Sure you will be hard to forget the flavor of the dish characterized northwest
Thai rice. The human world with the phrase "Thai rice, Kinh girl". If you eat a meal of Thai style, you will see, 1/2 vegetable forest (coastal regimen, ..., 80), vegetables planted in xuon phom (garden thinner) such as vegetables (PHAC sand), all kinds of vegetables cucumber, melon, eggplant ... all map nine (calcined) including moss, bamboo shoots, spring dish "gill", wood ears, mushrooms, sour bamboo shoot soup (fungi, squatting guest), article "neighbors" ghém, salad, vegetables, bananas mannequin ...
PIA. Raw materials for food processing Pia is from herbivores such as cattle, goats ... But Pia cows and goats PIA remains the most popular. Pia processing should prepare enough material from the parts of the cow, goat like pudding east, cartilage, tail, meat, silver music, heart, stomach, liver… Pia dishes at first a little difficult to eat. But eat a few times or with a bitter, spicy aromatic spicy fragrance of that compliment, ... when addicted without knowing it.
Also you can learn and enjoy dishes such as: House Suoi Bang, taro Man, Pa Pinh top (grilled fish face), bread love of the Dao Phieng Luang.
Other Considerations
 The inviting streets.
Moc Chau is located close to the border with Laos, is the popular drug of West and North. Drugs are moved by a lot of sugar from along the border of the Name field to take sanctuary Xuan Nha - Loong Sap gate. When traveling through this area, you should not stop long at a point, should not the players, absolutely no sleep in the night, through the border posts should be declared.

Villages along line as Loong beautiful Phieng and quantity are key drug sales of Mongolia with traders from prose. So you have to be careful with all their belongings, as may be prohibited to leave the country in your baggage without your knowledge.

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