Moc Chau tourism, A destination ideal weekend

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Moc Chau tourism, A destination ideal weekend

Moc Chau plateau is located Hanoi about 180 km Northwest of Hanoi, a road not short, but many young people of Hanoi still choose to bike here. This green plateau as strong attraction, any seasons coming here will also enjoy.- If you are a backpacker favorite( Phuot) you can bike, straight Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan District, along the Nation Highway No 6 to.
From Hanoi to Hoa Binh, straight road , not difficult. From Hoa Binh to go forward, there will be a number of vertical rather than as Cun Pass, Thung Khe Pass,but now the road width should be impartial, the traffic flow on the road no more so do not be afraid.
- Take no rest stop will take about four to five hours. If just have to stop taking pictures,the rest is lost from morning to evening, about eight to ten hours:
My travel experience(Went a lot, because I was Moc Chau person):
+ Take a circuit( stay on the road about 15’) it takes 4 hours. Normal speed ( the center runs 40-50km/h) , deserted road 60km/h; any beautiful road 70-80km/h. But note you have some people you the speed (sometimes) . As close to the Cao Phong-Hòa Bình(controlling 40km/h), Km 160-Km 168(controlling 60km/h)
- Alternatively you can travel by car at the My Dinh bus station(1 hour trip) or the Son La is located on Nguyễn Tuân and Nguyễn Trãi. Thanh Xuân Street. Car ticket 120.000VND to 150.000 VND.
- You can rent a motorbike at the hotel to travel, visiting places in Moc Chau. Cost about 120.000VND to 150.000 VND/ a day. But can rent in the private addresses of equivalent price.
1.       Guest houses address:
Moc Chau District has two towns are Moc Chau town and Nong Truong town, separated by 3 km. Hotels Union, Lotus or small guest houses in both towns have a fully equipped, air-conditioning, hot water prices ranging from 120,000 to 250,000. If you like sleeping whole group can look to the rest of the floor (sleeps 30 -100), both with internet private rooms, cheap but very happy ...
 (You can rent accommodation in the floor near the Travel General-Ang Forest, this lake is very nice, fairly cheap prices stay in groups, can eat here with ethnic food such asLam rice, sticky leaves, grilled chicken, bamboo shoots, fried tomatoes, green vegetables … generally more dishes that I can not remember the name, kind of food one time, the next time you want to eat more, delicious and weird. Drinks, pot clinic, a specialty wine very easy to drink, the girls also like, drank the excitement, you you, lightheadedness very pleasant)
2. Moc Chau delicious:
- In addition to the items noted above, in this highland specialties longer have a baby, chicken, fish and vegetables fresh green spring cooling, goat pot (68) and his dog meat Mr Ken restaurant (Nong Truong town).
- Two well-known gourmet restaurant and pubs 64 and 70 located on Highway 6 from Hanoi to Moc Chau, a junction town of about five to seven miles. Prices in the two consistent equivalent. But slightly higher prices there (for serving remote for pedestrians and tourists).Two bars long goat 68 and the meat dog Mr. Ken is soft, the feeding rate only and does not call the disk (goat, 70-80k/part, dog meat 50-60k/part), comfort food. Have even more goat wine, ...
- Bitter bamboo: undercurrent of bitter with the sweet, delicious dots with "cross occipital".
There are also drinks like milk, Moc Chau yogurt.
3. Visiting address:
- Loong Luong village is located on Highway 6 has many forests peach, vast forests plum. 30/4-01/5 occasion, the plum post. May 8-9, Training and many other typical fruits… ... 
- Tan Lap Commune, On village is on the way to the town of Moc Chau farm sites hibernation and many wild sunflowers flower fields, poinsettias, flowers reform.
- Improvements in the flower paradise Three Phach with dozens of large hectares of land planted floral wealth. Located on Highway 6, near 70 restaurants, fork town five miles. You go in the direction of Moc Chau, when that sea Moc Chau Tea Company then turned onto the small road opposite.
- Nong Truong Town with the cool green hills of tea and yellow wild sunflowers blooming hills.
- Also you can visit the famous flower Glass of Moc Chau (Tropical Flowers JSC) at the junction of Highway 6, Sugar turn Moc Chau town and turn to Nong Truong town.
- At the center of Moc Chau , Hang Doi (historical) is very beautiful, standing on the entrance of the cave can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Moc Chau.
- From the town center, At the Post Office walk-in-the Ang (about 3 km), including the beautiful hill, the lake, the scenery is very romantic like Dalat  ...
-Take Highway 6, through the town of Moc Chau about 2.5 miles fork Pa Hang, if the Highway 43 (turn left) about 7km, to Strip Flaps Falls, if go for another 20km to Gate Pagroin, if the Moc Chau lead you, you can easy steps to Laos, if you order in the United gate control stations Long Sap registered, you put people's identity card and said the purpose of the visit is ok, sent there then walk to remember is walking, but they will never be the ride is about 500m to the milestone, which can take photos but do notfor him to the border guards see…
4. Presents bought:
Many specialties are: Tea, cake, yogurt box ( better than Vinamilk and Ba Vi), bottled milk, survey, candy peanuts, ...                                                                                                                                                                                  A number of addresses you can buy these things:
 -  Cake Shop Hong Nhung (Sub-area 4, Tel: 0223.868.235-Mobile store owners: 0912.235.567), near Moc Chau bus station, near the gas plant of Moc Chau town, opposite Bank investment anddevelopment Vietnam. By the way also said in Moc Chau ATM cards to withdraw money as BIDV, ABBank, Vietcombank and Agribank.Here is where the production of pastries, yogurt (ensure cheap and very tasty, plus bring a gift like dry cakes bread Xukem, Almond, Cakes Label, Field, green bean cake (not Pai Categorycakes in Hai Duong)- Nga Luong milk Agents (right along QL6, on going out of Moc Chau, 1 entrance turn to Agricultural school 1loi town of Hanoi, you go in the direction of to HN about 200 meters, on the left is lookingsee (here milk cake, tea, .. a lot).If not, you go to the big Dealers buy at cheaper prices than retail stores.
5. Points to note:
Are you coming to visit, sightseeing should not make noise nor arbitrarily consider the surrounding landscape the ethnic. Not so the stranger took the view camera and your valuables. Do not stay too long, two, three hours at a village.
- On this occasion Moc Chau Ban blossom, post-plum, apricot bitter and much more ...
When if you encounter fog, moderate speed, not to go too fast or too slow, and attention turned to the other car headlights seen.                                                                                                                                                                                    

. Wish you have a happy and meaningful trip.
- If anyone should ask for more information, to submit their own content on the blog or by email:


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