November: Shimmering colors flowers in Moc Chau

Thursday - 15/11/2012 20:29
As to Signalling winter will come, these days 11, Moc Chau shimmering colors of the flowers wealth wild sunflowers, flowers, iridescent ...
November: Shimmering colors flowers in Moc Chau
November: Shimmering colors flowers in Moc Chau
Winter, bright sunny days as more as preparation for the round fog of monsoon. During the golden sun, Luggage, look like illuminated flowers, fresh and radiant.
This year, the flowers bloom late, and yet hard to find, that things improve soon silky white bloom on the hillside. 

Interspersed with five-color materialized are tender. Shining flowers usually bloom in late fall and early winter on fields, upland hill harvest of all, wild flower fragrance but charm passers-by heart purple markings

Wild sunflowers also racing hatch along Highway 6, the bright yellow color is sometimes mixed in brilliant red poinsettias. We adorn each other, respect each other up against a deep blue sky.
No coincidence, between the winter and it took thousands of honey bee nest in Moc Chau. No coincidence that many tourists do not control wind fog swimming in Moc Chau tourism. Simply because: Jupiter is now in the flowering season East.

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