Pia - Delicacies of Son La land

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Pia - Delicacies of Son La land

Pia - Delicacies of Son La land
There is a famous dish of Son La land but who go through it once not tasted it unfortunately, it's Pia dishes. In Moc Chau is a restaurant with pretty delicious PIA dishes.
Raw materials for food processing is Pia from herbivores such as cattle, goats and cows ... But cow PIA and goat PIA is still the most popular. Processing of PIA should prepare enough material from the parts of the cow, goat winter pudding, cartilage, tails, meat, heart, stomach, liver ….
If so, simply dish Pia did not get customers to "horrifying". This particular dish Pia is characterized by the PIA is it to early fractions of cow or goat (in the middle of the stomach and large intestine - Thai dish known as PIA, so this is called Nam Pia).
Pia Recipes dish almost like Thang Co dish . But to be a good cook, only indigenous people own separate processing . The small intestine was removed immediately after use to prevent crackers tight ends with a colon and stomach to the small intestine emulsion not doped. Emulsion fluid in the small intestine is the most important part, it gives a bitter taste of honey sweetness of protein
After preparing the PIA and the finished material and carefully preserved to avoid flies, one pot beef broth or goats several hours until the water has enough sweetness and pour the new exam date all meat ingredients, cartilage and organs covered in green pot ninh. Then continuing ninh for hours until the water turns a brownish paste is for the ninh of PIA about an hour longer.
Typical Spicy of the PIA dishes  is Mac Khen (a condiment of forest trees) and many other spices such as lemongrass, chilli ...To create multiple predicates the PIA, including the addition of bovine bile and bitter leaves in the forest.The variety of ingredients and spices that PIA is flavorful, spicy the aroma of, bitter taste of bitter leaves and sweet succulent of the bones and the PIA.
Pia dish at first a little difficult to eat. But a few times to see or eat with a bitter, spicy fragrance of Mac Khen ...., .may be you addiction this dish anytime.
Eating this dish, dot with barbecue, and drinking with the mother in Son La is so delicious. Nam Pia have the effect be the very good wine you should rest assured drinking, hard drunk.
PIA dish is considered a culture of Son La people. There is one more question that is not known Northwest PIA dish is considered not to up. If you have the opportunity to Northwest region make once tasted okay. /.
To Moc Chau, tourists can to taste PIA hot pot restaurant, Tran The elderberry ( Moc Y bars) in Moc Chau Farm Market, or you can eat Pia  in the leaves restaurant   the port of  Moc Chau High school.

Source: Management Board of Moc Chau resort.

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