Cauliflower blossom season Moc Chau

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Cauliflower blossom season Moc Chau

Cauliflower blossom season Moc Chau
Not only fascinated by the white Cauliflower blooming beds sky, green tea fields or wild sunflowers sharp, brilliant poinsettias ... Moc Chau grassland collection is the last day to bring a fairy space between mist floating morning.
Moc Chau is only about 200km from Hanoi, is one of the attraction tourist , especially the people "Donate" and photographers improve blooming flower season from the end of October. So, after much dating, our group decided to take up the backpack to explore this splendid paradise. Go to Moc Chau town is engulfed in thick fog, the cold air of the plateau at 3 am that everyone was huddled. After nap for the effort, we continued up the road to find flowers on bikes just rent of guest-house.

Mộc Châu mùa hoa cải trắng

Mộc Châu mùa hoa cải trắng
 End of Autumn  Moc Chau weather is cold, the fog still hugging tree branches blade of grass despite gentle golden rays began to dawn. Along the 3km long road linking the town of Moc Chau Farm, they all keep forever stupor before the fence yellow wild sunflowers stretching tangled roots entrance cute little house half asleep in the sun collection.
This season, across the fields and hills covered in Moc Chau has a pristine white flower of reform, but people still whisper Phuot that forest area The new Ang is the most beautiful place. Here, dozens of acres of white flowering improvement, running suction of sight make anybody eye contact first  to surprise. Across the space to cover a dozen acres improved color pure white flowers mixed colored blue baby corn, red dotted add warmth and color of poinsettia flowers of deep brown soil.
Back at a distance, the valley of flowers leaning improved slightly porous white clouds floating above an immense trees. Trace the path end-lessly translucent was filling fog, I do not know what you're vaguely floral or sea travel between clouds illusions. Until now the eyes closed, I still feel calm helped clear scent of flowers and cool highland mist, cool.
Mộc Châu mùa hoa cải trắng
The group behind us blankly for a minute flowers have suddenly awakened, rushed to take the camera to record the best moments, the most romantic. The colors warm coat, scarf and beanie brilliant things were to get the maximum use of the most sparkling frames. Is fun, but we did not forget the principle of "Do not take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but no footprints" of the Phuot people, do not try to stampede, because it's breaking the flowers hard labor of farmers. Because, a year, in addition to crops, the cauliflower plant cells to seed, oil pressure so the flower color is very important.
Mộc Châu mùa hoa cải trắng
Where only female flowers, beautiful steppes domain that also brought us the gift of green tea hills immense, to append source exotic feelings did not finish in words. Sunny was up, every young green tea leaves shimmering dew drops tiny beautiful crystal. On the way to the Five Cave - The On Village, visitors from afar suddenly burst into happy to encounter a tea plantation 5 heart-shaped interlocking. Do not know how many couples come here to capture the most beautiful images for wedding album as an invocation lasting happiness forever.

When the stomach is rumbling, we had a roadside restaurant to enjoy the renowned specialty of immense green steppes. The booth owners , fun introducing special dishes most famous Moc Chau. Welcome ginger lemongrass marinated veal dish fat without sick soft, fresh grilled fish streams, improving disk cat bowl with sweet taro gold Man charming nursery bone tunnel ... suddenly sold out to the enthusiastic response of downstream customers. Perhaps, it is one of the most impressive gourmet meals in the journey of traveling up and down the land of our S-shaped.

To leave Moc Chau , but the real scene half damage half of the flowers, the simple houses nestled under the trees plum baby gurgling laughter echoing in my mind ... Goodbye, Moc Chau! One day we will go back to wallowing in the woods and flowers blooming lifestyle in peaceful harmony, no hustle, hustle ...

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