Sunrise on the lake Son La hydropower

Thursday - 20/06/2013 04:40


Not romantic, dreamy as Ho Xuan Huong in Da Lat or quietly, soothing as Ba Be Lake in Bac Kan, Son La hydropower majestic beauty, unspoiled as nature and Northwest humans, especially dawn.
Referring to the Northwest, many people even remember to Mai Chau and Moc Chau. But one, two years ago, hydropower attract many visitors interested in exploring and adventure. Son La hydroelectric reservoir of about 224 km2 located on the territory of three provinces of Son La, Dien Bien and Lai Chau.
Every morning, when the sun is hiding out in the mountains, the clouds still shy on the hill, the pace of life on the lake has started ever since. Water, mountains and humans mingles, out under the morning sun. Just look right, you also have to feel the cool air, the fresh body is filled. A large space, in the blur dawn makes us small before nature Northwest.
Standing on Highway 279 through the Chieng On, Quynh Nhai, Son La, visitors can collect in your eyes a vast landscape hidden under the first rays of the day.
The sun has not yet risen, just see the dim light shining on the landscape is in the midst of sleepily.
But somewhere on the lake, daily life began long ago.
The motorboats rushed surfing on the lake to make in time soon.
 At 5.30 'am, the Thai woman was waiting for a boat to buy fish and shrimp.
The sun dawned in distant mountains, slide up the first rays of shrimp, fish box.
6.30 ', the sun covering throughout the fishing village, a new day has begun.

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