April in Moc Chau

Tuesday - 11/06/2013 22:33

April in Moc Chau

April in Moc Chau
April, Moc Chau is no longer the bitter cold cut meats, mountains are no longer hidden behind the fog, fragile. The year-round mountain ridges blew Traditional white is no longer pink, purple of the flowers, plum blossom, flowering apricot, peach petals fade is not rosy in the spring wind and sun.
April, Moc Chau highlighted by life. Across the Steppe is covered by green. Blue color of the forests emerging buds are lean squeezed her soft silk casual on distant mountains. The lush green fields "creepy green grass horizon". Young green rice paddies of the valley filled with warm water. The momentum of the green tea is immense in the spring .... Blue's long quietly lurking, hidden life in plastic, this new experience first rains unleash that inflates. The young tea leaves such as spinach every snap of his reach spread out to welcome sweet rain.

Over the hills and fragrant green tea, white hat flickers of workers picking. One year for harvest beginning in spring tea, tea things difficult to picking but the most fragrant, delicious green tea leaves because this is the first 4 months of convalescence tea, cherished, in his collection of essences valuable from the wind, mist and cool steppe.
April, Moc Chau began to harvest peaches, plums, apricots. On the plum trees, peach trees the leaves are blue plum, peach, apricot is ripe gradually. Earlier this month people start harvesting apricots, salt of apricots, peach cheeks rosy dreams of the early summer sun as the girls cheeks. Between January, the peach tree method, the island of Taiwan, peach beauty, smooth train began to call birds. Each pair offers crest flying on twitter find ripe fruit groves, every now and then you find you have a song in: shot! riu chiu ... riu chiu ... Last month, plums begin in the main, bustling farmers harvest, each plum purple red white chalk layer remain to be gentle on skin picking or drop down basket. There is nothing more beautiful than the pictures of Mongolian woman dresses red mixed in endless blue of the hill plum where the mountains northwest.
April, erratic weather. God is not as fierce June sun, there are occasionally caught pulling the fog, with the spread, spread. The rain came and went and no appointment sudden give people a little break to enjoy the moment sky, watching the land, to think about people, about life ...

April, on the prairies began last month, and day dreaming heart began weaving conceptualist poetry.

This April, Moc Chau invite you to visit.


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